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SAI Medical Group Presents Better Opportunity of Eye Surgery in India at Affordable Cost
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One of the problems with eye afflictions lies in the fact that on occasions they can turn very nasty if the treatment is not efficient and is not backed by latest and sophisticated amenities and equipments. It is here that African nationals suffer big time as there is hardly any hospital perhaps in entire Africa which is laced with latest equipments and amenities and as a result complex eye surgeries are at grave risk in most African nations.

It is here that the true value of SAI Medical Group, a leading medical facilitator in the world, comes to fore. We ensure that wherever the patient might be we help him avail top class eye surgery and that too at most affordable rate. Our being India based help us big time as we have tie up with many top notch Indian hospitals and are therefore far better placed of than anyone else to help the patient avail better opportunity of eye surgery in India at affordable cost.

India, with its massively improved medical infrastructure, has experienced a revolution in the field medicine and has well and truly emerged and established itself as a force to reckon with in the field of medical tourism. No wonder a large number of people today head to India for medical treatments. Particularly in demand is eye surgery as its treatment is complex and a lot is at stake.

However, with us there is nothing to be hassled or jittery about as the hospitals we have tie-ups with have best of eye surgeons who have the assistance of the best of amenities and technology which enhance their effectiveness and ensure that almost all of their endeavors are a success. Then, whether they are Cataract with Phaco and Foldable Lens, or Cataract with Phaco and Multifocal Foldable Lens or, Lasik with Intralase (All Laser Lasik), or Conventional Lasik. Each of these surgeries is performed under utmost medical supervision and rarely have any of them ever failed.

Our procedure is very simple and is aimed at helping anyone who might want to avail better opportunity of eye surgery in India at affordable cost. The entire procedure is explained below.


  • Patient send us the enquiry at .
  • We discuss the enquiry with the team of specialist to determine the quote for the treatment.
  • After comparing quotes with all super-specialty hospitals in our panel we provide them with the best quote.
  • Patients give us a soft approval.
  • We assign them a dedicated associate who is fluent in their native language for all communications and coordination purposes.
  • We do arrangements for the complete itinerary of their trip.
  • On their arrival we pick them from airport and take to the treating hospital for pre-consultation.
  • World renowned specialists in our panel will perform the surgery.
  • Post surgery patients can choose rejuvenation packages as per doctor’s advice for speedy recovery.
  • We arrange follow ups from the treating surgeon for after care purposes in patient’s home country.

  It is the quality of our service and the dedication and passion that we exhibit while performing our duties that separates from other’s in the crowd and helps us develop a bond with the patients. Indeed, our patients are our best PR agents as they help us win a large chunk of our business.

So if you are also the one who wants to avail top class facilities for eye surgery in India then all you need to do is to contact us and we would be more than happy to help you achieve your objective.

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I webmaster of SAI medical group offer professional Medical Tourism India with eye surgery in India and a number of world-renowned medical facilities by experienced surgeons and doctors.  
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