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Natural Cancer Cure ayurveda
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Ayurveda is part of Chaturveda and Chaturveda is written by yayuRushi. Ayurveda is a combination of Ayur + Ved. Ayur means life and Ved means divine knowledge.
Ved does not mean only knowledge; because ved is not like a normal book. Ved is a store of divine knowledge being written by our ancient `Rushis and Munees` after doing hard worship long before years.
Wherein you will find the solution for each and every disease and problem. There has not been evolved any illness of which there is no solution in Ayurveda. As the milk comes in the
breast of a woman before the birth of a child; in the same way our Rushis and Munees have kept written this ved with the blessings of God before these diseases are came into being.
Ayurveda is connected with God. If you want to acquire proper and right knowledge of Ayurveda then it is necessary to get oneself connected with God. Ayurved is n ot a subject, which is being taught
or learned in schools or colleges. Some things in Ayurveda are realized after long meditation and worship of God. I feel very sad that according to one Survey conducted in America, People are told of
side effects of Ayurveda and finding of parts of metals in bodies of the people because of using ayurvedic medicines. Please understand that a mother never has side effects,
where Ayurveda is also a kind of life giving Mother. There is no any need to give metals or something. However to make some typical Ayurvedic medicines it takes many years, even then it may not be good enough.
Ayurved tells about grinding of herbs etc. by hand which these manufacturing companies don`t do. Also these companies don`t go to forests to bring important aspects of medicines,
which are genuinely required to make the ayurvedic medicines. They just make them by just putting rough or raw material into electronic machines and in some minutes.
These medicines are not made in accordance with scientific approach hence there may be some side-effects because of this procedural defects.
But this certainly should not mean that Ayurveda is wrong. Wrong are those persons who make the medicines without having sufficient knowledge about Ayurveda.

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ayurveda magic
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Ayurveda Magic Since many years Swamiji have been giving treatments to patients suffering from various serious diseases like Kidney Stone & Cancer and even dysentery and so many others.  
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