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Winter Care Tips For Kids
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With the arrival of the month of December, the skin rashes and other health problems have started making their appearance. During winter season, the weather becomes very dry. During this season everything becomes so dry that even our skin started showing it’s the result of that. From cold, cutting outdoor winds to stifling, stuffy indoor air, and winter wreaks havoc on our skin. The impact of winter season is mostly seen in the case of kids, as their skin is softer than we adults.

The babies and the toddlers’ skin can be damaged by any external change including the season. Mothers often apply a number of things just to protect their kids from any danger. During the winter season, parents can follow certain tips to keep their kids’ skin glowing like anything. When we were kids, my mom used to rub mustard oil on our body. Those days, people believed that mustard oil is the best moisturizer for the skin. And it actually did work. But now the time has changed. Many companies are coming up with different baby care products for different seasons.

Apart from the skin, the change in weather also impacts the immune system and the health of the baby. There are some simple tips that parents and adults can follow to protect their kids in this extreme cold season. There are briefly discussed below:-

1. During winter time, kids should be given basil to eat. Basil is one of the most famous herbs and it enhances the resistance power of body.
2. Ice cream is one of the most famous foods among kids. But in winter season, ice creams should be avoided as this may cause cough and cold.
3. Kids must do ample physical exercise during cold season. During free play, body absorbs fresh oxygen and also releases harmful chemicals by means of sweat.
4. It’s very important to maintain proper hygiene during winter season. Many a time we ignore washing our hands properly due to cold. But this should not be done. Kids’ hands should be washed properly each time before they start eating.
5. It has been noticed that children make use of fan even in winters at bad times which is not good. Be alert and ask your child to avoid such things which may make your child ill.
6. Sleeping is very important for the children. Ask them to sleep at the right time; 8 to 10 hours of sleep is must for children. It is good to keep your child fresh and active next day so that they can perform better in each and every area whether it is study or sports.
7. A proper bath in the winter can avoid many diseases to occur. Moreover, after bath, a baby moisturizing lotion should be applied into their skin. This will help their skin to retain its moisture and stay hydrated for a longer period of time.
8. It is often noticed that, cold season harms the beauty of the lips. So a good quality lip balm should be applied on the lips of the baby; but it should be specially made for kids only.

In winter, kid’s skin needs more attention. Using natural treatments for kids skin care is more effective. Medication and synthetic products might show their side effects too both in long as well as short term.

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