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Destination Kigali
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Kigali is a very important city in the history of Africa. This is the capital city of the African country Rwanda and also its largest city in size and population density. This city is located near the heart of the nation, meaning the geographic center of the whole country. This city of Rwanda is worth a lot of things for the country. It gained independence in somewhere in the year of 1962 and ever since it has grappled into a major city of Rwanda, becoming the country’s economic and cultural regional centre. Not to forget the transport giant as well. Nearly all of the government’s important and influential industries are located here in this city but also the home of the president and his offices are located here.

It has a lot of municipal boundaries to count upon after the city re organized and was enlarged in the year of 2006. The city was not a capital when it was founded. It was done so by the Germen colonnade in the 1900’s. But later it finally got independence from the German rule and thus Kigali was made the capital city. Now it has evolved into a major developmental city and is growing so that way. Initially Kigali wasn’t really considered for being made the capital of the country. More appropriate choice was the city of Butare. But that city wasn’t chosen because of its funny name. No, that’s a joke. Actually Kigali was chosen as the capital of the country because its location was central to the country and thus important.

There were large scale riots that had an ethic basis in the country.The tutsi and hutu people were ferociously killed in a country wide genocide operation and resulting in the murder of nearly one million people by the armed forces and even by the moderate hutu militants.The city was majorly damaged but was later recovered and most of its infrastructure was restored.Kigali is on the road to development. There are many projects undertaken by the Government for building shopping malls, plazas, apartments and infrastructure. Flyovers and roads are the basic areas of development. The international airport of Kigali provides connection with the outside. Buses, taxis and private cars are used for inter city transportation.

Kigali houses many museums, memorials and centers in the memory of the Rwandan genocide. The craft centers hold many activities like pot making or traditional card making. The markets are also good places to visit for buying inexpensive yet beautiful traditional stuff.Handicrafts,clothing and colorful textile materials are unique and traditional.They are good gifts to buy for tourists.Kigali has been investing in expanding its tourism thereby many hotels of international class have been built around the city.Being a beautiful location,Kigali can have an economical boost my introducing tourist attractions in the city.The city is on a hilly location having a beautiful cityscape. There is a lot of greenery in the city.The hills around the city give it a peaceful and sensuous look.

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