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Online Repeat Prescription
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Some conditions or illnesses require repeat prescriptions where we need to take medicine over a long period of time. A lot of these conditions will be prescriptions which we will need for an uncertain amount of time such as heart medicine or birth control. Getting these prescriptions filled can be a hassle as we will normally need to go to the doctors or pharmacy in order to collect them every time.

This arrangement is not exactly perfect for those who are elderly or unable to leave the house. Some conditions mean we are less able or unable to drive and so going to the local pharmacy can be a problem. Some pharmacies will offer a lifeline for those in this situation by offering home delivery on prescriptions, ensuring you get your medicine when you need it most.

Sometimes our prescription needs to be renewed or collected from the doctor’s surgery which may be further away than our local pharmacy. Luckily some pharmacies will also offer for a fee to go and collect your prescription from your doctor’s surgery and have them at your nearest pharmacy for collection.

If your pharmacy is closer to home than your doctor’s surgery then this could be the best option, also you may have to wait in line at the surgery to be seen to. It would be much quicker and convenient to be able to go to your local pharmacy after work or even on a lunch break to get your prescription topped up.

With repeat prescriptions over a period of time it can be quite annoying having to re-visit your doctor every time you need to get your prescription topped up, in England we have been able to get repeat prescriptions arranged via our local pharmacy. This saves a lot of time and effort on the patient’s part.

It’s important to note that some conditions may require checkups and meetings with your GP to make sure the medicine is still having the correct effect and whether you need to have the repeat prescription anymore. Some people can develop dependencies or addictions to prescription drugs especially painkillers so it’s important that at some point you visit your doctor’s surgery to see if you still require the medicine you have been prescribed with.

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