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Skip the dentist and sleep better; puts an end to teeth grinding
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How to Immediately Get Relief From Teeth Grinding By Using One of the Fastest and Most Effective Custom Fitted Night Guard System Available on the Market.

Although many people aren’t aware that they grind or clench their teeth during sleep, without proper treatment this condition can begin building the blocks for other oral and physical health issues such as tension headaches, neck aches and over time can dramatically speed up the wearing away and flattening of teeth. Stress and anxiety are the two main triggers for teeth grinding at night. Many suffer from this quiet yet painful condition; however there is a new and innovative way to stop teeth grinding at night and save money. Bruxism, TMJ, jaw pain, and all other common forms of teeth grinding or clenching can sometimes be overlooked as a medical problem and therefore many insurance companies do not cover the cost of treatment making it incredibly expensive to purchase a custom night guard. specializes in fabricating custom dental night guards, allowing the consumer to skip the trip to the dentist, and in essence saving gas, time and the cost of several office visits. This Atlanta based company has its very own in-house dental laboratory which is certified by the National Association of Dental Laboratories (NADL). A custom fitted night guard from provides immediate relief from jaw clenching and teeth grinding with the option of choosing between a Soft Night Guard or an Acrylic Night Guard.

What differentiates this company from simply going to the dentist is how the three-way shipping works. This innovative shipping method makes it possible for the consumer to browse through the website, place an order, and even track the shipping without ever having to leave home. Once an order is placed, a package containing impression materials is sent out with instructions for sending the impressions back to the dental lab. From there, the dental technicians fabricate a custom fitted night guard and ship the finished product back. makes ordering a custom dental night guard simple, affordable and guaranteed to work or your money back. Now that sounds like a pretty good deal.

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Kalyn Shaw
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Working as a freelance dental product critic, finding the consumer the best options without breaking their bank. Visit to find the best deals on custom fabricated nightguards, also visit their facebook page for special discounts.  
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