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Siesta in the Sun
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Siesta in the Sun is a bright, kitschy piece that radiates from it`s center a luminous, textured coffering that expands to the edges of the canvas. This piece not only incorporates many circular figures that expand from the painting`s center that accentuate the sun theme at work in the piece but also a series of straight lines that dissect the piece into four square sections and create a distinct contrast to the many circular lines enveloping the central point of the painting. And the centerpiece of this painting is absolutely resplendent! In the center of the piece, where the straight lines meet and where the circles end is a brilliant golden sun that looks beautiful against the radiant color that dominates this piece. In addition, the smooth negative space contrasts the textured, layer circles emanating from the center and gives the painting dimension that accentuates the centerpiece all the more. This piece`s limited color palette does not make less interesting or radiant, in fact it makes it more attractive and appealing. This piece will surely add a distinctive, vibrant element to any room where it hangs. 
 This original canvas painting is available on a single canvas of a very becoming size and a standard shape, allowing it to fill any number of spaces quite attractively. The distinct patterning and lines of this piece find their rhythm in the single canvas format and expand and harmonize in their limited space. The composition of this piece is best suited for a single canvas where the lines can parallel one another closely and the subtle contrasts can be fully realized. The grinning figure in the center of the canvas is also more clearly defined as the point of focus on the single canvas, all the lines of the piece somehow radiating from it. If you find yourself very attracted to the rich, textured colors and the singular focus of this painting, you will surely find others that match your tastes on our website. A good place to browse for similar pieces is the Wine Canvas gallery, where you will be able to explore other lovely, kitschy pieces. One original artwork that will stand out to you if you are interested in paintings like Siesta in the Sun is White Tiger, an equally charming depiction of a natural subject.

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Siesta in the Sun  
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