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Acid Alkaline Diet - Change Your Diet — Change Your health — Change Your Life
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We know that we need to change our diets to avoid sugar, dairy, processed oils and white flour. These products can cause aging and disease, and their elimination can cause miraculous healing in those who are suffering  from chronic diseases.

These elements promote inflammation and can really do a number on arteries and tissue
throughout your body. Make no mistake about it. Sugar and flour are deadly
and can ruin your life. in an average year, 160 pounds of sugar and 200 pounds of white flour find their way into our bodies, and our children are exposed to them from an early age.

They build up an addiction resulting in life-long health problems and elevated blood sugar levels.

When our blood sugar level increases, free radicals begin the process of inflammation right away and the disease process ensues. it’s very difficult to avoid these poisons, as they’re included in all kinds of foods within our “staple” diet — breakfast cereals, cakes, pasta, bread, soft drinks, candy . . . it’s really sad!
These days, milk products are also culprits as modern herds eat tainted grain that affects the proportions of fatty acids in the milk. Omega-3 fats are stripped and an imbalance is created.

Did you know that every other one of us is thought to be allergic to dairy, often without
knowing it?

Our dietary position gets worse, as our intake of fats and oils contains excessive omega-6 fatty acids. reaction after reaction takes place within our bodies, causing chronic inflammation. if we consume them in equal balance as we once did, there would not be so much of a problem, but the sad truth is that we ingest up to 30 times as much omega-6 as we do omega-3.
if you experience depression, a quick dietary improvement you can make is to change the quality of the oil you use. i would suggest you start making your own salad dressings using extra virgin olive oil or flaxseed oil.
Many of the standard oils we use are creating inflammation within our bodies. Particularly toxic are oils such as canola, soy and safflower oils when they are heated to high temperatures.
it doesn’t stop there, as grain-fed beef, poultry and farmed fish have excessive omega-6 fatty acids as well. it all stacks up to a huge excess of inflammatory compounds. As inflammation continues, disease results and the only way to avoid this is to replace poor choices with healthy fats and oils.
Within the last couple of generations, we have markedly changed the way that we consume foods and we are setting ourselves up for serious and considerable problems.
The nutrients we need are removed from processed foods — basically anything that comes in a box, can or a jar. in place, we add preservatives, artificial flavors and colors, or toxins, making our bodies work extremely hard to try and detoxify, and causing a serious problem if we try and lose weight.

Other elements added to our foods are causing us to gain weight.

Processed foods contain dangerous trans fats, high fructose corn syrup and neurotoxins such as aspartame.
Chemicals proliferate in our food system as we try and maintain a more functional distribution and production system. Just think of all those pesticides, fungicides, larvacides and insecticides that find their way into our bodies. Our foods are low in nutrients, but high in calories and chemicals. You will feel drained, pack on weight and become lethargic thanks to a lack of nutrients in your foods combined with a plethora of dangerous food additives.
Trying to lose weight is such a problem, and here are some of the major mistakes that i see people making when they set out down this road.
if you believe that everything is fine in moderation, then you are completely mistaken.
Everything is not fine and you must be selective, very selective in what you eat.

You see, after the Second World War, chemicals intended for battle were diverted for use in pest control on our fields.
Back then, there was no real process for testing and these chemicals just continued to find their way into our food chain. Due to what we thought was a major breakthrough, we began to neglect the fact that the soil was not as healthy in terms of nutrients as it once was.

The end result: nutrients out, Pollution in. Just remember that when your body is actively trying to resist toxins, it’s not focusing on keeping you active, energized and in good shape. You need to get out of this vicious cycle and we  will help you to try and do just this.

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Nancy D
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Officially, I’m a Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner. Unofficially, I’m known as the on a Mission.As the name of this website implies, my passion is health. Because I am so passionate about health, I make it my business to share with you all the Acid Alkaline Diet and wisdom gathered over the years, from personal experience and from others who share my passion.  
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