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Burn that Stomach Fat and Do IT FAST
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Trying to get rid of that flabby pouch around your waist, but can`t afford a gym? There are many avenues to get that stomach flat while at home. Actually to be at home gives you an advantage.

Stocking your cupboards with the kind of foods and snacks that will help you to achieve your flatter stomach is a plus. Fill your refrigerator with fruits and vegetables and low fat milk. Make sure you have low calorie snacks that are also low in fat on hand. Stay away from canned foods, they are high in salt and that can cause you to retain water and gain rather than lose the weight. 

Creating a meal plan is always a good idea, that way you will stay on track and it will help you with your grocery list and keep you from making impulse purchases that are not on your menu. 

Exercise is important to losing the bulge, so one thing you can do is to go online and put "workout video" in the search engine and you will have many videos to choose from. You can also go to your local retail store and you will see everything from yoga to heart pumping feet jumping workouts. Working out 5 to 6 days a week will get you to that firmer toned tummy. 

Another advantage to working out at home is that you can use your kids as weights. Have your little ones sit on your feet while you do sit ups or on your back while doing pushups. It’s fun and a great way to involve your children and teach them good habits while you are working out.

Staying Focused

Keeping track of your workouts and what you are eating throughout the day will help you stay focused on your goal. Put a chart up on your refrigerator and mark down your progress each day. This will keep your weight plan right in front of you to check and remind you to stay on task. 

Remind yourself of why you are losing the weight: to live longer, feel stronger and to be around for your children and grandchildren. 


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Hannah Ellis Wilson
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My name is Hanna , I`m a 39 years old full time job mom and I`m a professional nutritionist for the past 7 years. In my web site you can find more weight loss tips and list of all the best diets on the market.  
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