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Normally, we have to call our Doctor and request for repeat prescription listing all the medicines we require or fill in a repeat prescription request form, with all the information filled up properly by us. The Doctor will request us to wait for 48 hours so they can confirm and print the prescription. Then you have to collect the prescription from the hospital, and take it to the chemist and ask for the medicines. It is quite possible that chemist of your choice doesn’t have the supply of medicines which you require urgently. Then you have to rush to other pharmacy for your medicines. Repeat prescriptions is a perfect solution for this kind of problems.

It`s important to note that some conditions may require checkups and meetings with your Doctor to make sure the medicine is still having the correct effect and whether you need to have the repeat prescription anymore. Some people can develop dependencies or addictions to prescription drugs especially painkillers so it`s important that at some point you visit your doctor to check whether you still require the medicine you have been prescribed with.

Repeat Prescription is necessary for certain conditions or illnesses where we have to to take medication over a long period of time. There are lots of conditions where we need prescriptions for an indefinite amount of time such as heart medicine or birth control. Getting these prescriptions is really a big trouble as we will have to go to the doctors normally or pharmacy in order to get it filled or collect it every time.

Repeat prescription is a technique in which you get the same last prescription without consulting the doctor. If you are a patient which requires a regular medication i.e. a patient of diabetes then every time whenever your medicine are over you don’t need to visit doctor and asked for the same prescription you can directly get it from Repeat script site thus saving time, money and energy. Repeat Prescription is nowadays a free online service to manage your prescriptions. Repeat prescription is not for everyone i.e. those who are ill or actually needs attention by doctor urgently. They should dial 111 for an ambulance or call hospital and fix an appointment with a doctor. The online repeat prescription service is for patients that are routinely prescribed by their regular doctor, for certain stable conditions. You should consult your doctor for regular reviews so that he can check whether there is any progress or not and it will help to improve your health. Go for Repeat prescription only if there is improvement in your health otherwise it is useless.

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