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Stages of Dental Implant Installation
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Dental implant installation is a complex surgery that has three stages: the preoperative stage, the actual operation stage, and the postoperative stage. Prior to surgery, the patient undergoes a series of tests through which the dentist determines the conditions of the gum, the recipient bone, and the adjacent tissues. Upon diagnosis, the patient is given medication if underlying illnesses have to be treated first before an implant procedure is possible.


Normally, the patient is instructed to quit smoking two weeks to a month before any of the procedures are performed. He must also maintain a balanced diet to improve his immune system. In addition, the gum and the bone structure must be in good condition before the operation.


In the first part of the actual operation, the gum and the bone structure are prepared. The recipient bone is drilled to provide space for the implants. As soon as the area heals and becomes ready for insertion, implant installation follows. Dentists in cities like Houston consider this the most crucial part of the process.


The postoperative stage begins right after the wound has been closed and cleaned. Since the effects of sedation remain for an hour or more, the patient is advised to have someone to accompany him home. Aside from the normal irritation left by newly-installed dental implants in Houston, the patient usually feels weak and dizzy, which makes him a driving hazard.


After getting dental implants in Houston or another city, the patient is discouraged from doing heavy chores, as these may trigger bleeding or may cause the wound to open. Implants can fall off when the wound is open and there is constant pressure from continuous movements. As much as possible, the patient needs someone to take care of these chores, as well as take care of him for the first three days after the operation.


Brushing the teeth and rinsing with mouthwash are imperative practices to ensure the correct integration of the dental implants in Houston. If these routines are followed, the incisions would not be exposed to bacteria; thus, they will heal properly. In addition, the risk for gum disease is also lessened by these practices. When the gum recedes because of improper maintenance, implant stability is compromised.

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