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Dental Implant Dangers
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Just like any procedure, complications may follow a dental implant installation. Since the gum tissues and the underlying bone structures are involved, it is reasonable to expect a high risk for complications. However, the risks are significantly reduced if implant surgery is performed properly. Knowing the possible complications that might arise and their corresponding remedies will boost a patient’s confidence about the operation.


Intermittent bleeding is typical during the postoperative stage. It may last for three days to a week, depending on how the patient manages the wound. Unattended severe bleeding can lead to hematoma, a collection of blood outside the vessel. This is a serious condition that needs immediate professional attention.


Most dental implant complications occur during surgery itself. As much as the surgeon prepares the dental structures for the operation, the risk for drilling damage to the adjacent teeth and roots is present. This is not a big cause for concern because implant dentists in cities like Houston repair the injured tissues through apicoectomy or root canal.


Drilling can also damage the inferior alveolar nerve, which runs through the lower jaw. This causes sudden pain and numbness in oral cavity tissues. Improper positioning of the implant on the drilled surface might have a similar effect, as the tip of the metal can aggravate the nerves. In this case, the implant dentist Houston patients prefer removes the implant, identifies the exact location of the affected nerve using CT scan, treats it, and repositions the implant.


A dental implant installation that involves drilling through the upper jawbone and into the sinus cavity may also result in serious complications. A damaged sinus may lead to swelling and infection of the nasal lining, which if not attended to may develop into tumors in the sphenoid and frontal sinuses. To solve this, an implant dentist Houston provides performs a sinus augmentation.


Some types of implants need larger drill holes into the jawbone. Although rare, this procedure may lead to fractures. Fractures can happen during the drilling or insertion of the implant. This is why a careful implant dentist Houston has initially determines whether or not the bone is dense enough to endure the drilling pressure. 

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