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Oral Health Care for Seniors
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Oral health care is an ongoing process. The condition of the mouth affects the overall well-being of a person, and it must be given extra care when a person’s health begins to decline. Here are some tips on how senior citizens can attain and maintain optimal oral health:


·         Brushing and flossing twice a day maintains oral health, especially for seniors. People approaching old age are increasingly at risk for tooth loss, gum recession, and periodontal disease. These can be prevented by always keeping the mouth clean. Consulting dental hygienists about the proper ways of cleaning the mouth helps one in ensuring oral health. 


·         For those who are already wearing dentures, proper denture maintenance must be performed regularly. Otherwise, mouth ulcers, stomatitis, and other oral health problems surface. Dentures must be cleaned everyday to prevent bacteria from spreading inside the mouth. Only the prescribed denture cleanser must be used to avoid irritation.


·         Tooth loss is a natural part of aging. It also brings health disadvantages. The chewing process extracts the nutrients from the food; without the teeth, proper nutrient absorption is not possible. In addition, missing teeth also makes digestion harder since the food will not be grinded finely. Seniors who have missing teeth should get dentures or dental implants in Houston and other cities for safe and long-lasting replacement teeth. Out of the two, dental implants are more permanent because the root-and-crown substitutes are directly installed in the jawbone.  


·         The saliva acts as a protective enzyme in the mouth. Salivary production declines in old age, making the mouth defenseless against oral bacteria. Furthermore, artificial tooth loss appliances break easily because of lack of moisture. For xerostomia patients who have undergone Houston dental implant surgery or similar treatments elsewhere, getting a prescription for a mouth moisturizer is the best move.


·         Regular visits to the dentist are essential in preventing oral health problems. Early signs of oral diseases are immediately detected and cured through periodic dental check-ups. Patients who have also undergone dental surgical procedures like a Houston dental implant treatment are required to have appointments with the dentist for infection prevention.    


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