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Tooth Loss Is Not the End for Senior Citizens
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Tooth loss is normal among the elderly. Gum recession is part of the aging process. When this occurs, the teeth lose structural support, which eventually leads to tooth crowding, misalignment, or tooth loss. Fortunately, the dentistry field offers modern tooth loss solutions that boost the elderly’s physical and psychological well-being.


Dental aesthetic affects the facial appearance of a person.  The face sinks when teeth fall out, making it look older. With dental appliances like dentures and dental implants, the face will have a healthier and younger-looking appearance. Many senior citizens consider these appliances as excellent alternatives to cosmetic surgery techniques.


Seniors attain confidence and a sense of well-being because of tooth loss solutions. Having missing teeth is a big embarrassment. Some people cannot smile or laugh because that would mean exposing their toothless mouths. With artificial teeth, seniors feel good about themselves again; thus, they become more sociable.


Artificial teeth also provide numerous health benefits, one of which is healthy digestion. Old age causes the digestive system to work slower. With dental solutions, seniors can chew their food thoroughly, which makes digestion easier for the body. Some of the best dental replacements available at present are the dental implants Houston Texas dentists use. Dental professionals all over the world make sure that the implants are of the right size and shape before installation.    


Another benefit of the dentures and dental implants Houston TX clinics and similar facilities elsewhere offer is better nutrient extraction. Since tooth loss is a common ailment among the elderly, so is declined nutrient absorption. With the mentioned dental replacements, they can chew their food better. As a result, the body gets the healthy substances it needs.


Tooth loss also causes other dental health problems like jaw bone atrophy, periodontal disease, and bad breath. This can be prevented by installing an artificial crown once a tooth has fallen out. Although both dentures and implants are effective tooth loss solutions, many dental health experts recommend the dental implants Houston TX dentists and their counterparts elsewhere use on their patients. Dental implants look and work like real teeth. They are also more durable and permanent than regular dentures. Therefore, they meet both the practical and aesthetic requirements of senior citizens.   

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