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How to Improve Immune System
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Are you thinking that, How to Improve Immune System? The colostrums will give us a strong immune system. But what is Colostrums? And from where do we get it? Then your question is answered in this article. Just have a quick read.

Colostrum is not the milk which transmits resistance, but only an extraordinary form of mother`s milk, called the `Colostrum`. Initially it was discovered by the scientist that only the first few days of a mother’s milk have the ability of transmitting the immune system to the baby. This transfer factor was only available in the regular mother’s milk.

Bovine Colostrum is a milk made by mammals prior to and post pregnancy, and is full of nutrients and antibodies to make newborns healthy. This keeps human beings fit and strong too, and is the foundation of an exciting new variety of supplements. It’s the nature’s gift to a human being as a great immune system booster. As colostrums are totally a natural food, it doesn’t have any side effects. It contains natural minerals, vitamins, antibodies and other factors which increase our immune system. It also provides the same effects throughout our life. Hardly anyone has reported side effects of this. Usually it is related to the individual’s unique health condition.

Since, colostrums have almost everything the body needs. It provides great benefits for sportsperson. Almost every day sportspeople destroy their energy so that they can work harder and do the same practice again the next day. If they include colostrums in their food then it will be a very beneficial for them as it contains anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, various proteins and other growth factor that support growth of muscle fibers and all tissues. It is organically designed to support and maintain life, strengthen and help the immune system to grow and optimize the human body’s normal functions. So in return it makes logic that there should be nothing but constructive effects associated with it.

There are several deceases which occur because of low immune system. As we are aware, Cancer is related to lack of immune power. When our cells become damaged they continue to grow and multiply out of control. The Spread or growth of damaged cells is itself a Cancer. This however, can occur only when the immune system is not working the way it should work and the damaged cells take an advantage of that and they starts spreading all over the body.  If the cells are damaged or not working properly then colostrums increases the immune systems and keep them checking. If we have a strengthened immune system our body can avoid cancer from even occurring. Colostrums help our body to get the tissues in natural & normal state and naturally we are saved from all those deceases which are chronic & dangerous.

Cow colostrums are a thick lemon yellow colored discharge produced by cows for around 72 hours after the birth of a calf. Now it is available in capsule form. Many scientists are working on colostrums and trying to find the solution on all the deceases but the basic cure i.e. boosting immune system can be done with colostrums. After lot of research was done with milk produced by a human being and human colostrums, but there was also research done to find out whether a cow milk or a buffalo milk (Cow Colostrums & Buffalo Colostrums could convey the transfer factor and increase the immune system.

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Jeegar Shah
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