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How to find a Proper gym?
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There is a long way to go for each and every one of us. However one should realise that to go that long you ought to have a fit and healthy mind. Why should one exercise? The answer is very simple and straight. In a big city or a metropolis, all you do is work 24/7 and run around with a really tired and racing mind. There is added stress which comes with your high pressure jobs. So in order to release the added stress you need to keep your mind and body fit. Lead a healthy lifestyle; eat a proper, balanced diet. This is one the many reasons why you should exercise.

Now what you should be looking for if you are going or taking a membership at a fitness centre. You need to be extremely particular about the facilities and its variety and services offered. You need to check about the décor, ambience and the hygiene. And, importantly, the instructors and staff there.

If you are joining a gym check whether:

A. Check whether the classes cater to different preferences to ward away the boredom of doing the same routine again and again. Check if they include a bit of fun and spice in the workouts.
B. Check if it offers programmes and facilities that cover a wide range of interests to keep you motivated and wanting to participate rather than putting off going to the gym for another day.
C. It has a cardio weight room catered with professional expertise, certified trainers.
D. Check if the centre is equipped with equipments like treadmills, elliptical trainers and weight stations.
E. It has group exercises studio spaces where you can learn aerobics, kickboxing, tai chi, dance classes, body conditioning, gym ball, cycling studios known as spinning, etc., just to vary your routine.
F. Members could avail of the spa area for deep relaxation massage after their workout to keep you motivated and further offering a variety of different aromatherapy and herbal massages for relaxation.
G. A juice bar that offers blends especially designed by in-house dieticians.

Knowledge and awareness about fitness is only starting to spread, but it is rapidly spreading. We don’t exercise only after a doctor’s recommendation. These days we do it on our own. Exercises will benefit everyone. One should believe that you cannot really live life to the fullest if your body is not strong enough to let you. Fitter bodies have a greater capacity to take on different stresses in life and it has been scientifically proven to be true. It makes you more efficient and healthy. So make time for fitness routine. Try to keep a balanced diet. Follow the general rule of eating small, healthy meals through the day. Avoid fatty foods like fried stuff, chocolates etc. and overindulgence

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