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MASSAGE – mode to relax
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Massage is practiced all over the world, the ways can be different but the ultimate pleasure experienced is same everywhere.

Massage can be done periodically, regularly or occasionally, depending upon the need felt. Massage has multiple advantages, it relaxes body, release tension from the muscles, improves blood circulation, relieves pain etc. If the massage is done by a physician or a medical person, the massage can be used for relieving the pains associated with certain diseases like arthritis, migraines etc, but on the same time massage should be done with caution and in few cases it should not be done like on the people having any malignancy etc.

Massages are of different kinds like the Swedish massage, Thai massage or the Chinese massage. The Swedish massage involves gliding strokes and the massage is done on the bare body using oil or cream as lubricants. The Thai massage involves stretching and deep massage. It is done on the floor and no oils are used in it. The Chinese massage basically indulges the healing type of massages. The method by which the massage is done creates different results and in the same way the different body parts have different sensitivity towards massage and that is why different kind of massage is done on different parts.

The effect of massages are short lived and that is why they can be done regularly but that of course demands a heavy pocket, but massage can be learnt too and later can be performed at home itself. The methodology involved in each kind of massage is of course very important and that is what one needs to learn. The learning can be done by number of means such as videos or blogs available like Thai massage video, Swedish massage video etc. There are many websites which sell massage products too one can choose the most appropriate product.
At you can find vast variety of massage videos. It contains massage videos of different parts of the body, clearly illustrated the way of doing massage in different ways for different purposes.

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Takebe Sadako
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