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How to overcome sleep difficulties as a college student
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Like any other challenging engagement, college life can be stressing for the college students. These feelings of stress could lead to a number of things such as lack of proper sleep, loss of appetite and even mild depression. Very few college students do really find enough hours to sleep as is required thus jeopardizing their health and leading to lack of proper concentration which eventually could affect their fruitfulness in their academic work. It is always a challenge for many students to sleep properly due to the many difficulties associated with college life. If it is not a bad bed which is troubling them, the anxieties about the future plays a role in causing these sleeping difficulties. It is important to know how one can improve their sleeping hours and res as required if they are going to succeed in their college work. Below are some helpful tips that could work not only for a college student but also for other people as well;

·        Form a pattern for waking up every day without excluding the weekends. This can only be done by waking up at the same time each day helping the body become adapted to these patterns. This will also help your body to demand sleep when you are supposed to sleep and remain fresh throughout the day.

·        Always have the appropriate environment when you are going to sleep. Make sure that there is no noise, dim the lights if they are a distraction and maintain the best temperature that allows you to sleep. Never study in bed, no thesis or dissertation writing, no reading, there you should sleep only.

·        During the waking hours, have the lights shining bright as this will help in keeping you awake.

·        Do not encourage short naps as they will mess up with your sleeping pattern.

·        Do physical body exercises moderately.

·        Make sure that you develop some routine that will help you to relax during the night. This could be in form of listening to soft music or talking with friends.

·        Eat and drink less at night especially before you go to sleep. Overbearing the body with food could cause indigestion and the increased level of activities in trying to digest the food could cause sleep difficulties. Lots of drinks could disrupt your sleep at night as you seek to go to the washrooms.

·        Avoid taking drinks that are rich in caffeine especially in the later hours of the day. This will definitely affect your sleep.

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