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Start Your Exercise With Running Ear Buds
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 Exercise with music; Music a very positive impact on exercise routines that can benefit the active person who exercises. Music also increases positive aspects of mood and reduces negative aspects such as tension and confusion. The addition of music to a workout can put the body in an optimal mind-set for maximum workout intensity.

At Zippearz you can see our style of best ear phones that allow you to listen to music while exercising intensely or modestly. We provide you with a system that gives you options on how you want to hold your Zippearz Ear Buds in your ears. Our unique design is comfortable, totally functional and adjustable to nearly any ear shape or contour. Our attention to sound quality will provide you with excellent music and allow you to get the maximum benefit from your exercise and the maximum enjoyment from your music.
We think that the sound and comfort are the most important part of customer satisfaction. But is there a premium sound that is worth the extra money? At we think we have a solution with a new to the technology of personal ear buds. We give you an added system that allows you to use our ear buds with or without our exercise ear loop. We give you tone control of your music with bass and treble adjustment. This is new technology and puts control of your music at your fingertips. Our Zippearz Nouveau model is less than $60 but worth far more.
At we think the proper price range should be between $20.00 and $70.00. This is also dependent on what features you are looking for with your ear buds. Do you want to have hands free cell answering capabilities, then you should pay a little more. Do you want music device controls to mute your music or advance your music selections, then you will pay a little more. 

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We offer a range of products that will give you simple best ear buds with great quality sound or more advanced ear buds that provide a lot of extra features. All of our products provide you with great sound and they are all at a value compared to the competition. Take a minute and visit us to see more varieties of sports headphones.  
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