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The improved craft of Conveyor Belt can ensure reliable operation
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Belt conveyor is ground and underground coal mine coal transport system s main transportation equipment, for a long-distance transport capacity, transport capacity and operating reliability and high efficiency. Drum is the main belt conveyor components, the service life of roller conveyor seriously affected the normal operation and production.

 The use of a coal mine in Gansu Province DSJ120-belt conveyors, work, a bend of the web seam roller several times and multiple cracks, the worse a web cracking phenomenon, which has seriously affected the production. In the detection and repair, from the force structure and drum-pronged approach, the analysis of the reasons for cracking, and the structure and process in an improved, improving methods of other belt drum machine maintenance and repairs also have reference.

 Drum can be divided into force by driving drum and bend drum, drum drive transmission is based on the principle of friction, will drive organic link with the conveyor belt to complete the energy transfer between the two tasks, and ensure the reliable operation of the conveyor . Bend roller conveyor system is used to change the direction of the farewell, due to a change in direction from the conveyer belt carrying the take-up pressure


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