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Natural Remedies for Male Menopause
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 In an age in which Viagra commercials blanket the air waves and men are freed to continue normal sexual functioning well past middle age, the issue of male menopause has not received widespread attention. Also known as andropause, male menopause can be just as debilitating for men as menopause is in women. According to Discovery Health, a man suffering through andropause can expect to experience lack of vigor, sexual dysfunction and depression. Weight gain is also a widely recognized symptom in suffers of andropause.

  1. The Physical Toll

    • Like women who experience a sharp drop in hormone output as they creep into advanced age, men typically experience a reduction in there testosterone levels as the years pass. While this is a normal biological process, men suffering from andropause experience a far more dramatic reduction in testosterone, substance in the male body responsible for deepening of the male voice, facial hair and a higher concentration of muscle among other physical attributes. Socially, these traits often represent the things that define manhood. Sexuality also falls into this category and is often the area most affected by andropause. In the article Dealing with Male Menopause, Dr. Stephan Sinatra, a cardiologist from Manchester, Conn., asserts that andropause can be "insidious" in the way that it affects suffers.

    Exercising and Eating Well

    • One of the easiest ways to ease the symptoms of andropause is by simply increasing your amount of exercise and physical activity--a long walk several times a week, a job, swimming, cardio. Physical activity has been reported to greatly ease symptoms of depression and help combat weight gain as well as increase self-esteem. An improvement in diet will also lessen the affects of andropause and help maintain overall health, which in turns makes your body more successful in combating the effects of andropause.

    Herbal and Natural Treatments

    • A long-held treatment for lack of sex drive has been ginkgo biloba, which has properties that widen the blood vessels in the body. This allows for an increased blood flow within the genital region, increasing the likelihood of gaining an erection. Low-fat foods and soy products also help support greater sexual health. The herb argentum nitricum might also be helpful due to its ability to relax. Tomatoes, which have been found to reduce the risk of prostate cancer, could also be helpful to those suffering from sexual dysfunction. According to, yohimbine is an herb that emanates from Africa and is also thought to promote sexual health. Yohimbine can be found in tablet form.

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