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Obesity is a condition where there is increased storage of triglycerides in the fat – cells

and is defined as BMI higher than 30kg/m2.


Apart from other medical complications, obesity has an adverse effect on fertility. Newer guidelines regarding the investigation & treatment of infertility recommended that woman with a body mass index of more than 29 should be informed that they would probably take longer to conceive and should be informed that losing weight is likely to increase their chance of conception.


Obesity increases the risk of menstrual irregularities by upto 3 times.


Obesity in women with PCOS is associated with higher risks during ART (Artifical Reproduction Technique) procedures. These risks include:-

  1. Longer duration of treatment.

  2. Higher doses of Gonadotropin stimulation

  3. Higher risk of cycle cancellations, due to inadequate response.

  4. Lower egg yield.

  5. Poor quality of egg and embryos.


Weight excess is associated with an increased risk of miscarriage. This could partly be

due to the risk of miscarriage. This could partly be due to the higher concentrations of LH in PCOS that may lead to impaired egg and embryo quality.


Obesity is also linked to increased risk in pregnancy of hypertension, Diabetis Mellitus of pregnancy, larger birth weight of babies and greater chances for Caesarian section.


Obesity can be central or peripheral in distribution & there is evidence suggesting different hormonal & metabolic responses depending upon the distribution of fat.


Recent studies show that central adiposity was associated with more menstrual irregularities & higher prevalance of infertility.


Weight loss due to life style changes eating in moderation & regular exercise were associated with regularization of menstrual cycle, return of ovulation and spontaneous pregnancies resulting.


Several studies confirm that weight loss improves clinical and biochemical parameters that are disordered due to weight problems.


Weight loss into the normal range is not required for a good clinical response. Even a 5-10% weight loss can bring in remarkable effects.

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