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My Broken Heart
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I got some news today that just broke my heart. Just shattered it into pieces. No, nobody died. Nobody is sick. And no, my wife isn’t leaving me…I found out through the magical world known as Facebook that a dear friend, and former associate, is still lost almost beyond redemption in his imaginary chiropractic business world. You see, Dr. XXX was given everything I have inside me. I worked with him closely, spent countless hours, and went above and beyond to help ensure that this guy was a superstar DC who would make 7 figures annually and give Chiropractic to hundreds if not thousands of people every single week. I took such pride in this young, wild, and compassionate DC. Now I don’t know how to do much on Facebook, but I saw his name come up and I clicked his page just to see what’s been going on and how he was doing. Unfortunately, he was let go a few years ago due to underperformance. And if that did not break my heart enough, I clicked the link to his website and was brought to a WEIGHT LOSS site. Pictures of weight loss drugs plastered all over the page and NOTHING about chiropractic success. Zip. Zero to do with the very thing he went to years and years of schooling for. Nothing to do with what he used to claim his sole purpose on this planet was. Chiropractic was nowhere to be found. Since when did we become ashamed of what we are? It’s embarrassing to think that there are DC’s out there who can’t stand up for themselves enough and believe in themselves enough to sell soley Chiropractic. You don’t need anything else. No machines, miracle vitamins or pills, none of the sort…it usually only brings you further and futher into debt and kills your dreams faster than anything I’ve ever seen. Poor Dr. XXX…sometimes I find myself wishing we could rewind a few years and I’d try this with him, or maybe that would make him great…only to catch myself in a lie. I did everything I possibly could. I gave him everything I give the members of my program that do make 7 figures, that do make high 6 figures….it was him (and still is him) that is prohibiting him from achieving anything he wants in life. Please don’t let Dr. XXX be a role model for you, take action starting today. If you are interested in reading of chiropractors books, chiropractor magazine, chiropractor CD and many more regarding chiropractic disease, you can find that all material here and become chiropractic success business man.

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