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New Patients: Why Some ‘Get It’ and Others Do Not
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It can be frustrating pouring your heart and soul into each new patient, trying to get them to realize Chiropractic’s value and what it could mean for their entire family. Especially when they do not hear what you are saying, or refuse to hear it. A great member of our program writes an article he calls “Warrior in Training” and he often sends it along for my review. I was quite impressed with his words today; he is really starting to ‘get’ what TNR is all about, even if some of his patients do not ‘get’ what Chiropractic is all about. He is someone who values his Chiropractic coaching with TNR and is able to put that into words effectively below. By Dr. Garrett Soldano: We have all been there. During our recommendations we see the light bulb go off in the patients head and the victory bell sounds loudly as we hear, “Oh my God, I have to get the rest of my family in here ASAP.” Three days later the family of five is signing up for 18 months of care at full price. You pat yourself on the back realizing you are going to make a positive difference in this family and to our vision. You have a new found confidence and energy now. Nothing will stop you. There is not only a chip on your shoulder, but a whole bag of Doritos, extra spicy. While you walk down the hallway doing your “Julius Caesar Strut”, you are calculating in your head if you attract 5 more families of five it will be only a matter of time before you reach your goal of patients seen/week. When you walk through the door you see the next contestant. You lick your chops as you dive right into the “Yes Yes” Consultation. She goes through all of your procedures and sits through your NPO and even though she has great insurance that will even pay for her and her family she still does not bring in her family. There are highs and there are lows, but like many of you this bothers me. My ego gets all fired up and I ponder this question to myself, “What did I do wrong?” Did I not tap when I was supposed to tap, mention referral when I was supposed to mention referral etc. I needed to find out the answer for my own insanity. Why in all mighty God can one patient snap out of the “Allopathic Cult” and how the other will continue to be brainwashed. So, I decided to do what I do best. Read and study and immerse myself into TNR. I have been reading all of Dr Joseph Flesia’s recommended readings in the, “Last Philosophical Writings”. One book in particular stood out to me, “Snapping”. In this particular book it explains America’s epidemic of sudden personality change. Back in the 70’s and 80’s there were numerous cults preying on young men and women. This book talks about Deprogrammer, Ted Patrick trying to snap the people back into reality. He explains how people get programmed in these cults. When they program a person they use repetition. They give it to them over and over again, day in and day out. There is just so much the human mind can take. When you hear the same thing over and over again it will start to break you down. If you tell a lie long enough people will start to believe it. Can I remind you of Hitler and the persecution and execution of millions of Jews? I could not help but notice all the programming our society receives from the “Allopathic Cult”. It starts way before we are even born as these genetic beliefs are passed down to us at conception. It continues in the womb when mom takes medication or when the fetus listens in onto mom’s conversations. After we are born the brainwashing continues. We get sucked into the “Allopathic Cult” from the repetition of our family, friends, media, newspapers, magazines etc. A 24 hour a day, Mike Tyson knockout, mind beating on why you need this drug or get this vaccine for your child (36 vaccines now recommended by the CDC before the age of 18 months). If you don’t succumb to this pressure you are labeled as an outlaw parent or hippie. You hear the comments, “Wait until your child dies from a horrible disease, we will see what you think then.” The parents start to feel guilty and will be terrified of the consequences from not following the herd mentality. So they give in. It reminds me of lemmings jumping off the cliff. When you deprogram people you must force them to think. The TNR procedures do just that. By using medical research that proves VSC exists, it forces the patient to start to ask questions in their own minds, even though they have never heard of VSC. You provide them with inspiration and energy as you link they are a being of greatness and they should be full of health, vitality, and hope. This experience continues with the emotional roller coaster of the NPO as they link Chiropractic and children. After you get the patients to snap out of it you must continue a period of rehabilitation (chiro talk during the adjustment or the energy visit) to counteract an interim condition we call “relapse” into their old dominant allopathic belief. This ensures that the Allopathic cult member does not return to their cult state of mind. Deprogramming is like taking a car out of the garage that hasn’t been driven for a year. The battery has gone down, and in order to start it up you’ve got to put jumper cables on it. It will start up then, but if you turn the key off right away, it will go dead again. So you keep the motor running until it builds up its own power. This is what happens during the energy visit. Once we get the mind working, we keep it working long enough so that the person gets in the habit of thinking and making decisions again. This is why it is crucial you control the environment in your clinic with TNR, talking walls, energy visit etc so the patient does not return to the old dominate allopathic belief. The point of this writing is to keep my sanity to know that I am doing what is right. I will continue to study and enjoy not only the good times, but enjoy the challenges of the bad times. Thanks for your help guys. Resource Box: If you are interested for chiropractic business then you can get information for chiropractic practice here.

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If you are interested for chiropractic business then you can get information for chiropractic practice here.  
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