weight loss surgery procedures is Lap-Band System Surgery. The Lap-Band System is not dangerous but very effective procedure in weight loss. Lap band surgery system is proposed to be recommended for those patients who want to lose weight between 50 - 100 pounds. The Lap-Band limits food intake, and coupled with healthy lifestyle changes, allows patients to stop struggling with their weight issues. The procedure of Lap-Band surgery is performed laparoscopically, it is a less risky surgery system and for lap band system of surgery patients spend less than 24 hours in the hospital. After Lap band surgery procedure, usually patients have no need to take rest more than a week. However, patient can go on work within a week and can resume exercise within a month to six weeks. If there may occur any surgical complications, recovery may take a little longer. QUANTUM OF WEIGHT LOSS? Occasionally it is asked as to how much weight loss could be rendered with the procedure of Lap Band system. It is not an easy job to assess the time and tide of actual weight loss. It is very difficult to calculate and define any time limit and quantum of weight loss during the shortest possible time limit. However, it is pertinent to say that it differs and vary from patient to patient keeping in view his quantum of overweight which may have hampered and/or harmed his digestion and metabolic system. Further, it also depends on person to person or say patient to patient as to how far he cooperates with the surgeon attending to him for treatment and how far he extends his cooperation to his doctor’s advice, if he is asked to switch over to some beneficial thing and shirk his bad habit involved in gaining undue weight. It is very essential ingredient in this treatment. The Lap-Band system placed in the right direction and position and the patient is ought to change his eating habits and is ready to change and improve his life style and eating habits, weight loss can be calculated about two to three pounds per week but the average can be assessed as one pound per week on an average. After the Lap Band surgery application patient can expect weight loss to taper. Lap Band Surgery should not be thought of playing any miracle for a dramatic weight loss quickly but it works slow and steadily as with rapid weight loss many health hazards and risks are involved. However, with the Lap Band procedure the patients can reap the vast benefit of resolution of many health problems like hypertension, diabetes etc which may often crop up and develop due to obesity. Lap-Band Myths The internet is a great place to get information, but it can also be a place where there are a lot of myths propagated. The Lap-Band is no Etum ofxception. Here are a few of my favorites: (a) You can drink coffee with the band. You can drink coffee or tea with the band. However, please don`t drink a lot of liquid calories, so restrict or avoid the high calorie Starbuck`s drinks. Only give patients either tea or coffee. (b) The band should not be tight enough to prevent you from eating too much food. Restriction of any purpose is not the purpose of Lap Band but its process is suppression of appetite. The Lap Band only limits what you eat as per stomach limitation and does not let you hungry so you can eat as much as you can, which function lap band facilitates for you. (c) The Lap-Band does not cause reflux and heartburn. The band is a barrier against reflux, heartburn, and night cough. If you develop any of those, then you have too tight a band, or have developed a band slip. Anytime you get reflux or heartburn contact your surgeon immediately. There are a lot of myths surrounding the Lap-Band, but the band is simply a tool. Learn to use the tool and it will serve you well. ">
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Lap-Band System a Weight Loss Surgery better for Hypertension & Diabetes:
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Dr Ata Ahmad is providing Weight Loss Surgery and specialist in Lap Band Surgery System in North West Houston Cypress Spring. Lap Band Surgery System Lap Band System Lap Band Surgery  
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