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Things women can do to avoid pregnancy
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Some women fear while some are too young to become a mother. In fact there are numerous personal reasons that may keep a woman from becoming pregnant. Despite of their desire to not become pregnant they may conceive a child unintentionally while having sex. Hence, here we have some tips to help you avoid getting pregnant.  

Abstinence from sex: This is evidently the best possible way in which you can avoid pregnancy. This is a natural, free and the most effective way of preventing pregnancy. It is not highly difficult and quite simple. If you feel tempted to have sex, there are always alternatives which may not be as pleasing as sex but will help you get the pleasure and reach moment of orgasm.

Using condoms:

This is a highly adopted way to prevent your self from becoming pregnant. If you cannot avoid having sex then strictly ask your partner to wear condoms.  There are some women who ask their men to wear double condoms due to fear of torn condom. There are also female condoms available which can be worn inside your sexual organ that can help in preventing pregnancy. Using condom may also reduce your chances of suffering from STDs or Sexually Transmitted Diseases. These condoms are 95% successful in preventing pregnancy if used properly.

Birth Control Pills:

Numerous women throughout the world use birth control pills which are effective way to avoid getting pregnant. These pills are constantly used by married women to avoid pregnancy. Though, birth control pills are effective they are also riskier as compared to condoms. Such tablets may also lead to hormonal fluctuations which can cause complications. It is always suggested to consult your doctor before you plan to take these birth control pills.

Morning after pills:

Science has reached great success in finding ways to prevent pregnancy from occurring.  It is said that the safest way to avoid pregnancy is the morning after pill. To your information, these pills are suggested to be taken after unsafe sex, torn condoms, etc. These pills are available over the counter for 18 years and over females. If you are underage you may need evidence from a doctor to get these ‘Morning After’ pills to stop pregnancy. Even in this case it is suggested to consult your doctor.   


Withdrawal is another technique which is used but it is less effective. In this technique you should ask your partner to withdraw his penis just before ejaculation. However, it is said that pre-cum in some cases may also lead to pregnancy. Hence, it is not a guaranteed way of preventing pregnancy.

You can also go for vasectomy which is a permanent way to prevent pregnancy. Remember that you should use this technique only if you are concretely sure that you do not want any more babies. There are many women who regret undergoing this surgical procedure. Hence, unless and until you are sure about your decision you should not undergo vasectomy.

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