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How to Keep a Good Skin
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Skin to save the first one: stay up all night to timely pay

The cheeks doing it through the night people crash, did not dare to use loose powder. The entire makeup base floating on the face, even the best foundation wait, tired face does not "eat" makeup. Dry skin will be very dry. Lacking of water will cause include environmental factors and improper care.


When you stay up all night, you should let air circulate indoor, keep and humidity. You can also use the emulsion containing sufficient moisture and nutrients. Air humidifier and moisturizing spray is our essential partner. "


Skin to save the second measure: sleeping late, but do not to be late to wash the skin


Chinese medicine believes that skin care is to keep pace with the changes in environmental and physical condition, so do not wait before going to bed to clean the skin cleansing ahead of time, as far as possible to reduce the burden on the skin to prevent acne breakouts.


The cleansing may wish to use both remover and cleaning the two-in-one cleanser, 2 minutes to get clean. Containing acid or salicylic acid cleanser deep cleansing effect is significant. Salicylic acid can increase the rate of metabolism, reducing the accumulation of the skin surface of the waste and toxins, so even if you sleep at night, away from the tired face.


The third measure skin rescue: after staying up late to be highly moisturizing

Sleep at night, you should not stay up all night and fatigue so skin lock hydraulic worse, the dry. As soon as possible after cleansing apply a moisturizing effect, easy to absorb the beauty fluid.


A good idea to use a cotton pad stained beauty fluid, until the cotton was transparent perspective see the fingers, and then from the center of the face, with the intensity of the skin slightly depressed gently press the skin.

Need careful smear easy to dry, easy to muddy around the eyes and around the mouth; easy to dry cheeks to fully coated lotion residue on the skin, and finally with the entire palm and press lightly to fully penetrate the skin.


At the same time pay attention to diet, eat more fruits and vegetables, milk, eggs, fish, meat, beans eaten in moderation. Avoid overeating, avoid excessive intake of fat, eating sweets and alcohol and tobacco control. At the same time, you should try to adjust the patterns of life, to ensure adequate sleep, to keep the skin clean.


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