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A general practitioner dentist is your family dentist in Columbia
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You can find an excellent general dentist in Columbia, S.C.! Columbia is the capital of South Carolina, and has a population of almost 800,000, in the metropolitan area. A dentist, commonly called a family dentist, is technically called a general practitioner. It is the general practitioner dentist who keeps your teeth and gums healthy on a regular basis. He or she is the one who fills cavities for you and your family, and gives your annual cleaning. Build a good foundation with him, and chances are you won’t have to see the other dental specialists very often.

The specialists who form the dental network are:

• Oral Pathologists - diagnoses oral diseases.

• Oral and Maxillofacial radiologists - diagnoses with X-rays

• Orthodontist – applies braces

• Periodontists – treats gum and bones

• Prosthodontists – replaces missing teeth

• Endodontists – specializes in root-canals

• Maxillofacial surgeon – doctor who operates on the mouth, jaws, teeth, etc.

• Pediatric dentists – focuses on children

Don’t wait until you are in excruciating pain before you decide to look for a dentist. You might not take the time to select the best one. Go online, and use Columbia dentist, to start your search. Look through the available dentists, and see if there are any near your house, because that would be very convenient, if you ever had a dental emergency. A Columbia SC dentist that is compassionate to your needs, and is careful and precise, is the kind of dentist to look for.

You will feel so comfortable in Columbia dentists offices that you will actually enjoy waiting for your appointment. They treat you with that special brand of southern hospitality that makes you feel special and respected at the same time. Whatever they can do to make sure you are satisfied with your smile, they will attempt to do for you. That is their only goal – to make your smile, your signature!

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