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The Different Kinds Of Sleep Disorders
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Sleep disorders are a complicated problem in America. We lead such hectic lifestyles between work, home and recreation that we are prone to getting sleep deprived. A lack of solid sleep is a common cause of car accidents, job failures and poor school performance. With sleep problems, we end up having problems in our relationships because we have irritability and mood swings.

There are a number of sleep disorders. Some are trivial while others are severe. You can suffer from sleep disorders from newborns to old age and even our pets can suffer from sleep problems. Bedwetting is a sleep disorder that is common in children and that goes away as the child ages. Others have difficult cures, such as narcolepsy that is when you fall asleep at inappropriate times.

Types of sleep disorders

Insomnia is the most common type of sleep disorder, especially in young people. It is the result of not being able to get to sleep at night and can also cause frequent wakening. Women get it more than men and it can be caused by anxiety or depression. One good treatment for insomnia is melatonin, a hormonal therapy that allows you to fall asleep. Good sleep hygiene is important as are behavioral therapies.

Restless Leg Syndrome
This is the constant need to move your legs when you are trying to sleep. You feel uncomfortable tingly or burning sensations in your legs that is only relieved by moving your legs. You cannot get a good night’s sleep when you want to move your legs all the time. It can happen at any time during the day and isn’t just a nighttime phenomenon.

You can use self help methods for treating restless legs syndrome. Iron sometimes works as does electrical stimulation for your legs. Sleeping with a pillow between the legs also helps.

Narcolepsy is a condition where you sleep at inappropriate times. You feel sleepy during the day and can suffer from hallucinations when you sleep. You can fall asleep quite suddenly.

Sleep Apnea
Sleep apnea can be a result of obesity or a brain dysfunction and results in an inability to get enough breath during sleep. Basically your airways collapse during sleep and you can’t get air into your lungs. You then have a period of loss of breath that ends when you gasp and breathe again. It can affect the quality of sleep greatly.

Jet Lag
Jet lag happens when you travel over several different time zones and have problems getting a good night’s sleep on either end of the trip. Melatonin works well to reset the sleep point so you are sleeping normally in no time.

Women tend to get more get lag than men and it is often accompanied by dehydration, lack of a decent appetite, insomnia, poor sleep patterns, headaches and fatigue. You should try to sleep and awaken according to the time zone you are actually in and it helps to get a lot of sunshine, regardless of where you are at. This also helps set your sleep wake cycle so you sleep better at night.

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Natural remedies for various sleep disorders have been discovered and yet they are not being made popular. To avoid the various side effects that are so common with sleeping pills, you need to understand the root cause of your issues and take adequate steps. Here is where you can get more information.  
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