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Tips for Sleeping Better at Night
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Sleep is so important for maintain health and recovering from daily activities and exercise. When people don’t get enough sleep the consequences be significant.

Effects of Poor Sleep Habits

So many people try to maintain a very hectic pace; cramming everything we can into the day. But cutting time out of your sleep schedule can be a bad decision.

• Mood and Concentration. If you don’t sleep, you will notice that you become crankier. Your ability to complete even routine tasks is impaired because your cognitive functioning skills like concentration and memory are weakened.

• Overall Health. Without the right amount of sleep the immune system can take a hit. People are more susceptible to infections, colds, and the flu than if they are getting the appropriate amount of sleep each night.

• Impaired Driving. Driving without enough sleep is as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol. Lack of sleep can lead to impaired motor coordination and reaction time.

How to Get Better Sleep

Make a better sleep environment. You may feel like you are sleeping 8 hours every night, but you may not be getting the restorative rest you need. It might be time to purchase a more comfortable mattress or pillows. Look for ways to sound-proof your room so that you can sleep without interruptions. Make sure your room stays a comfortable temperature overnight, and that the room is dark enough.

Do what you can to alleviate stress. Exercise is a good option. Some people have success trying a new dance or Martial Arts Self Defense class. Whether you learn self defense or Salsa Dancing, regular exercise is good for your body. And it can help to relieve stress that might keep you awake at night. Deep breathing exercises can be helpful too.

Most of us wake up during the night. Perhaps it’s to get a drink of water or take a trip to the restroom. If you sleep well, you probably won’t even remember it in the morning. Learning how to fall back asleep quickly is important too.

Make the most of your sleep schedule. It can be tempting to go to bed early, but going to bed too early can cause problems as well. If you notice yourself getting sleepy to early in the evening try do something to stimulate your body and mind until it is actually bed time. Do the dishes, sort through the day’s mail, or get your lunch packed for the next day. Push through the feelings of drowsiness until it’s actually time to go to bed.

Finally, you should consider make changes to your diet. Eating too much and drinking too much can wreak havoc on your sleep by causing you to wake for trips to the bathroom at night. Caffeine, alcohol, and smoking can also negatively impact your sleep. Don’t drink alcohol just before bed as it can impair your ability to stay asleep. Caffeine and nicotine are both stimulates that will prevent your from falling asleep.

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