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Sunglasse reduce or eliminate glare - protect your eyes
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Any water sports enthusiast knows how frustrating it is to be standing on the edge of the boat unable to see because the sun is glaring off of the water so badly that vision is reduced to nothing. Until recently, this was just an inconvenience that was an inevitable part of spending time outdoors. With the invention of

polarised sunglasses

, that inconvenience has now been practically eliminated. Water enthusiasts no longer have to deal with the eye strain and headaches that accompany time spent on the boat or at the beach.

By reducing eye strain and filtering out the damaging effects of the sun, polarised sunglasses increase the quality of outdoor experiences and permit the wearer to stay outside longer without suffering headaches or sunburn around the eyes. They also increase one`s ability to see by reducing glare from water or bright light. There are even polarised sunglasses specifically constructed for night use that help reduce the effect of oncoming headlights and bright street lamps.

To understand the difference between polarised sunglasses and standard dark lenses, imagine two windows. One window has a dark tint and one has horizontal blinds. The window with the dark tint will filter out the sunlight, but visibility is reduced and there is still a glare. The window with the blinds permits perfect visibility minus the glare. This is essentially how

polarised sunglasses

work. They are designed with a special film that filters out light that enters at certain angles but still allows light necessary for proper vision to penetrate. Because they are designed to refract light instead of being dependent on tint, damage from harmful ultraviolet rays is also minimized.

Polarised sunglasses enhance visibility, reduce glare and minimize damage from harmful ultraviolet rays. Whether fishing for a record tarpon or enjoying a day of bicycling and picnicking, there is a pair of polarised sunglasses designed for every activity. Easily affordable and readily available in a wide array of colors, sizes and styles, polarised sunglasses are a necessary part of every outdoor enthusiast`s wardrobe.

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