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What Is Tinnitus & Its Causes?
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Tinnitus can occur in inner ear, mid ear or outer ear or because of abnormalities in the brain. Tinnitus can generally be termed as continuous ringing in human ears without any outside noise. Till date no one has found out the perfect cause of tinnitus.

Researchers however have categorized the causes of tinnitus into two major factors.
1. The primary cause
2. Secondary cause

1. The primary cause of tinnitus is generally found in people who are exposed to loud sounds for long durations, which can lead to hearing damage.

About 90% of people suffering from tinnitus have hearing loss because of noise while remaining have it because of old age. People who are subjected to loud noise are pilots, rock musicians, and carpenters etc. On a single occasion very loud noise can sometimes also cause tinnitus but it can happen rarely. However in some tinnitus cases people can hear very well and in some cases they are so sensitive to sound that they need to mask external noise.

2. Secondary cause:
There are some other factors, which can lead to tinnitus. These factors are classified in to medical and non-medical or lifestyle contributors.

Medical factor:

These are generally blockage of the ear due to built up of wax, ear infections which affect inner part of ear, nerve tumor, a perforated eardrum, stiffening of small bones in middle ear, high BP, cardiovascular disease, anemia, under active thyroid glands, neck or jaw problem.

Non-medical factor:

There are about 200 drugs whose side effect can lead to tinnitus. Some of them include aspirin, antibiotics or quinine medications. A diet less in vitamin, inflammatory or in some cases specific food allergies can lead to tinnitus.

Alcohol, smoking or caffeinated beverages can be tinnitus threat for some people. Stress, anxiety and poor health and habits that can contribute to above medical condition. Some toxins and environmental factors can also lead to tinnitus attacks.

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