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Restore Your Eyesight With This Visual Therapy
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Disorders of the eyes like Cataract, Glaucoma and Macular degeneration are usually diet related and additionally, due to vitamin deficiency. Whereas Myopia ( Near-sightedness ), Hyperopia ( Far-sightedness ), Astigmatism and Lazy eye, stem from eye strain --resulting from focusing on the same eye muscles in one direction, for a prolonged period of time.

A diet of fresh fruits and vegetables will normally help to reduce eye strain.By drinking a substantial amount of purified, clean water helps to flush out toxins and contaminants in your body, including your eyes.Blink them frequently, to lubricate and clear your eyes of any contaminants like dirt and dust.

This Visual Therapy and eye -care are basically four principles consisting of the following:-

- Cleansing and detoxification.
- Muscle stretching.
- Relaxation of muscles.
- Internal healing.

Toxins can create stress in the eye muscles, plus obstructing your vision.When blood circulation to your eyes and tear ducts are clogged by contaminants, it results in toxin build-up. However, this Visual Eye Therapy flushes out toxins by cleansing and detoxification--thus promoting healing as well as keeping them well lubricated.

Know that  glasses and contact lens, do Not improve eye health, as they are nothing, but crutches for your eyes! When you are solely dependant on them, your eye muscles develop weakness and even become more lazy. In order to improve vision, it is best to discard your glasses and contact that you can practise the eye exercises, which will train your muscles to function properly.

Depending on the following factors, improvement to complete healing, is possible from several weeks to even a few years. These factors are:-

Number one: Age factor.
Number two: General state of health.
Number three: Any previous eye surgery?
Number four: Your lifestyle habits.
Number five: The condition and severity of the ailment.
Number six: The extent of eye damage.

In performing the visual therapy or exercises, do it in a green environment of trees and plants and if possible, where there is running water like streams or rivers which is soothing for the eyes. To begin with, always wash your hands first, prior to performing massage on the pressure points, as a preventive measure against any infection.

Eye Exercises:-

- With both index fingers, gently massage in a circular movement ( for both left and right eyes simultaneously ) on the two pressure points, situated just below the eyes on each side of the bridge of the nose, sixteen times.Then squeeze and massage these two pressure points, to a count of sixteen with your index fingers and thumb. Repeat this eight times. Each set of squeezing and massaging is sixteen movement. So sixteen times eight = sixty-four.Do this daily.

- As you are doing this exercise, ensure that you Do Not move your head. Only move your eyes. Look to the right side as far as your eyes can move. Feel the pull of the muscles as you lock them in this position. Inhale and exhale once, with deep breathing to a count of 3-4 seconds. Then move your eyes to the left, as far as possible and likewise, feel the muscles pull. Hold in this position for 3-4 seconds, then inhale and exhale once, breathing deeply, Continue stretching your eye muscles right and left, for a total count of four times in conjunction with deep breathing exercise.

- Next, with both eyes, look up as high as possible to feel the muscles pull. Hold on for 3-4 seconds as you inhale and exhale once with deep breathing.After this, look down as far down as you are able. Hold it to a count of 3-4 seconds. With abdominal breathing, inhale and exhale once. Repeat this technique four times.

- Bring your index finger close to your nose. With your eyes, follow your finger until you are  looking cross-eyed. When you feel your muscles pulling, hold it for a few seconds and likewise, inhale and exhale once deeply breathing.

- Close your eyes tightly as possible, until your eye muscles pull. Hold it for a few seconds, again synchronizing with deep breathing in and out  once only.Then, open your eyes as wide as possible and hold it for a few seconds, as you inhale and exhale once deeply. Repeat it four times.

- Finally, as you close your eyes tightly, rub the palms of your hands against each other, until your hands are very hot. This is called palming, in this way, you are stimulating energy for healing. With your eyes still closed tightly,relax them completely without opening, and place both your palms ( already rubbed hot ) lightly over your eyes.You are now able to sense the warmth, flowing from your palms to your eyes. Relax,  in this way you visualise complete darkness. Do this procedure for a minute or two. Do not press your hands on your eye-balls, when you are palming, else you will see stars instead! Always rub your palms against each other until hot before palming.

When it is done, try testing your vision  with an eye chart. You should be able to see more clearly than previously. If not, continue with the palming exercise until your eyes are more relaxed sufficiently, to see more clearly. Continue to perform this visual therapy not only daily, but consistently.

Muscle stretching eye therapy, gently work to retrain your muscles, thus strengthening them, so that they are capable to function without having to strain your eyes. In conjunction with deep breathing, these eye exercises help to relax the muscles as you focus--therefore sharpening your visual acuity.

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Mary Lee Scully
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Mary Lee Scully (Author) Are you able to strengthen your eye muscles without eye exercises? Poor vision and eye disorders stemmed from muscles being tense and over-strained, apart from eye diseases.Your solution the Visual Therapy to Restore back your eyesight.  
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