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Protein Rich Foods And Healthy Diet
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Protein is indispensable in building muscles, recovering and substituting tissues, and preserving a good immune and hormonal system. Protein rich foods accelerate metabolic process. For people who are physically active, a lot of protein is a must in their diets. The protein containing in the food that we eat helps provide necessary amino acids that are utilized by the cells in our organism to build new proteins and repair muscles. Protein also helps body build hormones, antibodies and the enzymes that regulate the chemical reactions that occur in the organism. Here`s the list of some common protein rich foods that you can include in your diet.

Soybeans are number one source of protein. Soybeans can be made into milk, tofu or ground to make soy tea. You can also make a very useful and healthy bean salad. You will get about twelve grams of protein in one cup of it. Just mix home-cooked or preserved beans with a small amount of olive oil, red wine vinegar and your salad is ready. You can add some chopped veggies if you like. Edamame are whole young soybeans in the pod. To make it perfect boil them for about ten minutes to make them soft.

Almonds are the best option for those who are allergic to peanuts or don`t like soy. Almond milk is rich in protein, vitamins, zinc, iron and fiber. Moreover, Flavonoids in almonds decrease bad cholesterol levels in your body

Shrimp a sea product that is particularly rich in animal protein. This fact makes it very appropriate for athletes who demand protein to grow muscle tissues. Eating protein rich shrimp is also great to combat stress. Another benefit is that zinc comprised in shrimp increases your brain`s functioning, improving its memory abilities as well as the ability to concentrate.

Peanuts are considered to contain twenty-five percent more proteins than other nuts. Besides the protein, they also contain antioxidants, resveratrol and niacin to slow down the aging process and improve blood circulation. You can take peanuts when roasted or blend them to milk. Peanut butter and jam are as delicious as they are useful for your body.

Crackers. Crackers or a whole grain brand of vegan flatbread can contribute to your high protein diet, particularly when crowned with hummus or refried beans.

Another great source of protein is chicken nuggets. Chicken nuggets proteins contain lots of essential amino acids. Eat chicken nuggets with rice - it is very good thing for your digestive system. Chicken nuggets are also a great source of protein for growing kids under 5.

Protein is a rather difficult part of the diet. In both cases, if you overtake or undertake it, your body will have problems. Therefore, a balanced high protein diet is essential.

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