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Protein And Muscle - The Keys To Your Fat Burning Regime
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osing weight is by far not an easy task. Most people have tried all of the fad diets that are available and failed, others have tried the usual gym routine whilst not focusing on their nutrition. The good news is that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and luckily your own willpower is like a muscle. It only gets stronger every single time you have to rely on it.

The biggest mistake that I see people make in their fat burning regime is nutrition. What most of us do not realize is that it is not a simple matter of eating less fat, but more a case of putting food into our body that our body can use, and put to good use.

For example, have you always wondered why people with high muscle mass can eat huge amounts, and not risk putting weight on? The answer is simple. It is because they have a large muscle mass, which in most cases, results in a higher metabolism rate.

You see, muscle is the key ingredient in all successful fat burning regimes. Sure, I know many people who just simply want to lose weight rather than build some muscle, however the two most definitely go hand in hand. You don`t need a huge amount of muscle either, just enough to aid in burning off those calories.

Here`s the thing. When you work out your muscles, whether it be your abdominals, biceps, or your triceps, your muscle needs time to repair itself and, for a lack of better words, become more tolerant to the workouts that you do. This is why muscle grows, however in order for muscle to repair itself, it needs a little help, and this is where your food consumption comes into play.

Try eating a protein rich meal after a muscle workout. Protein is known for aiding muscle repair and growth in realistic quantities (not like those body builders you see in the magazines!), and has the added benefit of reducing any downtime between workouts, less stiffness and soreness.

Protein can be found in man foods, especially fish and red meat, and can also be supplemented with the use of shakes, however this needs to be in moderation. Remember, the goal here is to add a little muscle, and help assist your body in burning fat.

Of course, don`t forget above all else that the more you eliminate bad fats from your diet, and replace them with good carbs and proteins, the better your results will be at the end of the day. There is an alternative for almost everything that you eat that will be better for you, and will taste just as good. Replace sugar in your coffee with sweetener. Replace canola oil with Macadamia Oil when you cook. Have Yoghurt for breakfast instead of going to the drive through.

Like anything, adjustments will take time. Making the choice to lose weight is not just a change for the better, it is a drastic change in your lifestyle, and that choice needs to be maintained. It is the little things like adding a little protein to your diet after muscle workouts that just make things that little bit easier.

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