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How to Stop Your Hairline From Receding Further?
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As man evolved, he lost the utility of hair as a mode of protection, heat retention, or camouflage, but this does not mean that hair has lost its significance in the regular scheme of things. Hair provides a definite elemental outline to our faces, making it possible for people to recognize us easily.  As far as social organizations and human relationships go, hair does have a role to play; its appearance and grooming gives you a distinct personality.

About five million hair follicles are present in the human body, of which the scalp alone has about 100,000-150,000 of them. Almost everybody suffers from hair loss and therefore it is recommended that precaution of some type must be taken; but, this is only possible if you know the reason for it. If you are unable to find the reason for it, take the help of a qualified doctor so that he can detect the cause as well as prescribe a medication.

Reasons for hair loss

As known to most of us, male pattern baldness is caused by the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and the shrinking of the hair follicles. It was believed that the more the DHT, the more likely is a man to suffer to lose his hair. However, in recent studies it has been discovered that genetically predisposition is also a leading factor for baldness. These genes can be inherited from both sides of the family. If you are genetically susceptible, there is nothing that can prevent hair loss. It may not always be the amount of DHT that matters, but the genetic propensity may also be equally to blame.

Hair loss research

Men have been losing hair for centuries and it is an accepted fact of life, but off late research for this conditions has become a field on its own. However, today baldness is no longer a stigma; in fact, bald men are even considered to be more attractive. But, most men are still not comfortable with baldness; their hair is even tied to their self-esteem and confidence. Though baldness never killed anyone, research for preventing and treating baldness has become as important as any other health concern.

Solutions for the nature of male hair loss

Hair loss products have quickly been formulated and as a result, men can rely on DHT blocking medications that help slow down or limit the loss of hair. There is also some hope that saw palmetto, a natural plant, may also help with male pattern baldness. During a study it was discovered that this plant may have DHT blocking abilities. Fortunately, man has come up with a technology that would completely prevent baldness in men or aid in hair re-growth. This is basically a cold laser technology that emits low intensity laser waves that penetrate the scalp and revive follicles, helping in preventing hair fall and growing new hair.HairMax LaserComb Advanced 7 is once such laser device. It has received rave reviews and is even approved by the FDA, making it one of the ideal hair loss products. There are many more advanced versions of laser combs available too. HairMax LaserComb is the only FDA approved brand currently that makes low level laser devices.

Future expectations from scientific studies on hair loss

It seems that science still has a lot to achieve when it comes to hair. Future hair loss treatments may address many of the limitations of today’s cosmetic, medical, and surgical treatments, and may also include some new treatment methods such as hair follicle cloning and gene therapy, both of which have definite potential to act as permanent ‘cures’ for  inherited pattern baldness.

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