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How Can Older Mothers Do Maternal Health Well
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There is lot of common sense on the health care of pregnant women. But if pregnant women cannot do health care well during pregnancy, it is detrimental to the healthy development of the fetus. So for some subtle maternal health, pregnant women are best to be a clear understanding, for example, do not taking a variety of drugs casually, and do not eat the foods which are adverse to the fetal health, as well as cannot do those dangerous sport.


Moreover, the older mothers must do the following four points of maternal health: first of all, it is prenatal care. Now there are many older mothers, and many women are pregnant after 30 years old. However, over 30 years old, the function of the body is no longer at the peak, and there is a high probability to give birth to abnormal infants, so you must pay special attention to this, and you should insist on doing every prenatal care.


Second, it is diet health. During pregnancy, the older mothers do not lack of the nutritional input. Generally, during this period, they eat more than ever. A lot of mothers worry about the fetus in the body has inadequate nutrition, and they add a variety of nutritional supplements all the day, but due to the reaction of pregnancy, sometimes, after they eat, they will spit it out. But you should know that the nutrition is not just a food, you should choose the foods which is beneficial to you and your baby.


Third, it is sport and health. In the course of pregnancy, the older mothers cannot sleep immediately after eating, and you need to go for a walk. For example, you can go walking with your husband, or do some exercises suitable for you in leisure time, such as swimming or jogging, but remember not to do too strenuous exercise; this is very likely to cause abortion.


Fourth, it is mental health. Although the older mothers during pregnancy have maternity leave, you cannot always stay at home all the day. If you always stay at home, although it is very ease, it is also dull, and even this is very easy to bring psychological impact to pregnant women. Therefore, pregnant women should exchange with friends or your husband, to maintain a positive attitude, which will be more helpful to your baby’s health.


In short, during pregnancy, older women must follow the doctor’s advice, and do a good job in all aspects of maternal health care.

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