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The Knowledge Angle On Life Extension And Aging
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Clearly no one can deny that they`ve heard of a tale of the fountain of youth. So far, nobody has discovered that specific fountain yet. But this doesn`t prevent television advertisements from pounding into the hapless viewers the many products that all claim they are the source of dreams and with women who are all obviously successful in their anti-aging campaign, who can doubt their sincerity. Is there any truth to their claims? Does an anti-aging product really exist?

According to science, the key reason why our bodies starts to deteriorate is because of the age of the person. It seems that aging affects out body`s hormonal production which depends on the health of a body, once the body loses hydration and age, the body loses the essential fluids and the skin dries up, this may cause skin to thin out and lines to develope. Medical practitioners who concentrate on longevity from getting the better of us are to approach age not from a fountain, but from deep inside our bodies. They concentrate on the body`s ability to provide hormones that happen to be already depleted. These hormones are usually produced by the reproductive system like the women`s ovaries and the men`s testicles. Estrogen and testosterone keep out body young if we start losing them our bodies willlexhaust its vitality. This is where hormonal replacement comes in. No, not the ones that cause cancer. The bioidentical hormone therapy integrates diet and nutrition, amino acids with vitamin supplements, exercise and water.

This isn`t a dangerous therapy; all it does is to increase the hormones inside the body and to increase its productivity. The production will logically lower when your body is not capable anymore and this is actually because of stress as well as wrong diet. If our bodies is programmed with good diet and nutrition, your body will responds positively and it will start producing the hormones. It should not be expected that the production is equivalent with a twenty year old body but it will eventually produce nonetheless. It will assist your body continue to produce the hormones that it must stop it from aging.

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Joy Shiela
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