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famous five
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 The are one of the most lovable and immersible worlds ever created in literature. The Famous Five are Julian, Dick, George, Anne and of course Timmy the dog, all of whom get into a lot of adventures with Enid Blyton’s charming narrative depicting their activities against the backdrop of rural England. The world in itself provides a fantasy as relevant today as it was fifty years ago when these books were written.  The stories are always tucked into the children’s moments between dull reality, and always takeplace during the holidays when the children come home from their schools. The cottage which is George’s home, and all the other places they visit are the sweet countryside where there are cottages, picnics, bicycle trips, home-made food, islands, seashores, and always a thrilling ADVENTURE. The characters are chiselled with a very few words, there are no swirling descriptions of the scenes, but that is what fuels a child’s imagination and make the reader think for himself.The <ahref=””>famous five</a>  are probably the most famous of Enid Blyton`s creations.Julian, Dick, Anne, George and Timmy the Dog make up the Famous Five. 

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Enid Blyton
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Enid Blyton was an English author who wrote several adventure series for children of varying ages, including The Five Finder-Outers, The Secret Seven, and the Noddy books. Enid Blyton was the fifth most translated author worldwide, with books translated into 90 languages.  
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