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Can People Who Want to Lose Weight Regard Fruits as Meals
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Many young people think that eat more fruits every day and even regard the fruits as the meals, which not only be able to play the role in preventing weight gain, and for female, it also has the effect of beauty. In fact, this view is terribly wrong.


In terms of the nutrients, the nutrients of fresh fruits are about the same as vegetables; however, as for the minerals and trace elements, the fresh fruits will lose to vegetables, and the content of vitamin A, and vitamin B should be lower than that of vegetables. Therefore, in the daily life, whether they are fat or the people who want to lose weight, if they want to use the fruits as a staple food, it can absolutely do not. If you use fruits as a meal all day, it may lead to a lack of vitamins and trace elements.


Moreover, there are the limited nutrients of the fruit, and the scientific test results show that water accounts for 80% of the fruits, and sugar accounts for 10%. If you usually eat the fruits as meals, even if you eat more, the fat, protein, calcium, iron, zinc and other micronutrients needed by your body cannot be met. If this abnormal phenomenon insists on, there will be big trouble, for example, your skin will lose tarnish; your hair will be dry and rupture; your body resistance will be decreased, as well as appear anemia, zinc deficiency, and even spiritual malaise.


However, the experts tell us that in order to have a healthy body, science diet is very important. Having meals is the same as doing anything, so we must pay attention to a “degree.” Well, health experts confirmed that if a person intake too much fructose, it is easy to let the body lack copper, as the results, there will be high cholesterol, and it is likely to cause coronary heart disease. Well, which fruits contain high sugar content? We are very necessary to understand, especially for those people who eat more fruits.


In addition, experts said that peach, pear, apple, citrus, persimmon and watermelon contain high sugar content. Therefore, when we eat fruits in the daily life, we should not only pay attention to taste, but also from a health point of view to choose. In order to our health, when we select fruits, we should consider for the nature of fruits. For example, which fruits can be eaten more? Which fruits cannot be eaten more?



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