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Glue or Micro rings to bond hair extensions
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As the demand for hair extensions rises, so do the different attachment techniques. But when you get to the bottom of it, there is some kind of glue, adhesive or micro ring.

Your decision to adopt which technique will depend on a number of factors. The most important among those is going to be the after affects, particularly the damage. The micro ring technique is considered to be the safest one because there is no glue or use of any harsh chemical. With micro rings you don’t see very much, no matter if you have read of some side effects of micro rings. If there is something written then that might be a promotional article for some company for sure. As I have read somewhere, to my surprise it was written that the biggest disadvantage of these micro rings is their weight that is simply too much for hair to hold.

I talked to a specialist who has been doing thousands of heads of hair using micro rings and he told me this not to be the case. But it got me thinking. How strong hair can be? Then I did some research in this context.

For an individual with not hair disease, hair is incredibly strong, so times as strong as copper wires. Hair is also elastic and can be stretched up to 20% of the original length. When they are wet, they can be stretched to as much as 50%.

So why hair break? Well it depends on how fast they are pulled. If you pull hair slowly and steadily with gradual increase in force, the hair will resist for some time before breaking. But if a sudden force is applied, it will break quickly. The tensile strength of hair is reduced and the hair has no time to respond to stretch. Despite of the strength of hair, it will snap if you pull them too vigorously. Considering this in context to micro rings, where a clamp is used to open and remove the hair extension or the glued Remy hair extensions where you have to pull them to remove. Now think yourself which among them is going to cause damage.

Now moving back to the main point where we started. We are here looking for an answer as how much weight is to be applied to break the hair. We know with a sudden force hair can break, but we also need to consider the fact that hair can also break when extra weight is applied. Since the weight of micro rings is going to be almost same, one would have to assume the fact that their weight may not be suitable for a person with medium or fine hair.

As for the healthy person, when we know hair is strong enough, we need to consider the fact how much weight they can support. According to a research article as I have read, anchoring capacity of hair is around 70 grams. And if hair suffer from some diseases their anchoring capacity can be reduced to as low as 14 g. But a micro ring weighs approximately not more than just 2 grams. So you yourself can see the difference and decide.

So now you have it. Using micro rings for applying hair extensions is certainly the best and safest choice to make.

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