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A Discussion on Acupuncture Aided In-Vitro Procedure
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A very modern scientific advancement has been merged with an old-fashioned kind of Chinese medicine at a Reproductive Medicine & Fertility Center somewhere in the United States. Merging In-Vitro Fertilization with acupuncture appears to pay off for couples desiring to give birth to a baby, says a reproductive endocrinologist and medical director of the center. The said medical director and a proprietor of a known acupuncture center conducted a review concerning 203 of his patients who underwent IVF; 105 had IVF only and 98 also had a specific series of acupuncture therapies. The acupuncture group`s pregnancy percentage was 24 percent greater.

The medical director exhibited his research before the World Congress on Human Reproduction somewhere in Europe. Previous researches, including exploration in Germany and China, also have aimed to the benefits of adding acupuncture to assisted-reproduction skills. In spite of being deathly afraid of needles, Lou Ann David (not her real name) is amongst the medical director`s In-Vitro patients who underwent acupuncture. "I do trust it had an impact," she says. As proof, she directs to her twins, a lass and a lad, who just had their first birthday celebration. In-Vitro Fertilization includes harvesting eggs from a woman`s ovaries and fertilizing them in a laboratory dish with a guy`s sperm. The resulting embryo is subsequently transferred to the uterus. According to the procedure followed by the medical director and the acupuncture center proprietor, acupuncture meetings were two times a week for four weeks before retrieval of the eggs, and subsequently immediately before and after the embryo transfer. Electro-stimulation acupuncture, involving a gentle electrical flow, was used. Women usually discover the sessions calming, the acupuncture center proprietor reveals.

In addendum to an improved pregnancy percentage in the acupuncture group, the scale of ectopic pregnancies was practically non-existent -- 1.5 percent vs. 4.7 percent. In-Vitro Fertilization is associated with a greater possibility of ectopic pregnancies, in which the fertilized egg fastens somewhere other than inside the uterus. Acupuncture includes the placing of hair-thin needles at particular positions to correct the flow of qi, or life energy. How it may help procreation isn`t clear, however it has been shown to increase blood flow into the uterus. It too can help by reducing nervous tension.

The medical director would like added exploration with additional patients and is persuading bigger centers to perform studies. His neutrality, he states, may possibly be compromised. Previously doubtful of acupuncture, he`s turned into a believer. He opted to experience acupuncture for himself when the acupuncture center proprietor spoke to him. "I thought I wouldn`t propose anything without trying it. That first time, I went in and there are fountains and tinkling noises and the ambiance melody, and I`m like, `Oh, what am I doing here?`" However he found it comforting and now goes to the acupuncture center regularly for acupuncture. To his amazement, it even provided him relief from a repetitive- motion disorder in his hand.

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