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Do You Know About Intercritical Gout Phase?
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Gout has been around for centuries and it has somehow plagued the lives of the millions of people around the globe but it mysteries are not totally unfolded yet. What we know about the critical disease are the causes and the symptoms. We know that gout is caused mainly by the uric acid accumulation and the subsequent uric acid crystals build up in the joints and the tendons of the human body. However, the total cure of the disease is still not achieved. The researchers and the health experts have identified certain stages or phases of gout. They are the acute gouty arthritis, intercritical gout and lastly the most severe chronic tophaceous gout.

When a patient suffers the first stage of the gout and then recovers from the first stage of the acute gouty arthritis then he enters into the second stage of the gout. That is the intercritical gout. The period a patient enters between the gout attacks are referred to as the intercritical gout phase. After the initial pain and unbearable suffering of the gout attack the patient is back to his normal condition in the period of intercritical gout phase where he feels complete relief from the symptoms of the gout.

When the patient enters into the intercritcal gout phase after the first gout attack he then enters into a condition where he may not be tested positive with gout problems but that does not mean that is free from the excess uric acid build up in the body. The uric acid build up can still be present in the joints of the body though there can be no outward symptoms of the gout.
After the first gout attack if the patient does not get proper treatment then the recurrence of the gout is most likely. A study shows that the recurrence rate of the gout attack within a year of the first gout attack is almost 62 percent which increases to 78 percent after two years and increases to 93 percent after 10 years.

So, it is very important from the patient`s point of view to ensure proper treatment after the first gout attack or in the intercritical gout phase. A doctor should be consulted and the patient should be under his treatment even if there is no sign of gout symptoms. The doctors must work on the gout management treatments like controlling the uric acid presence in the blood by restricting the patients from taking high purine foods. He should ask the patient to avoid drinking the alcohol or the beer. Proper exercise and obesity control are some other important factors that the doctor should ensure about the patient in order to prevent any further attack. The doctor will advise the patient about the healthy lifestyle and food diet changes in the intercritical gout.

Intercritical gout phase is an important phase in a gout patient`s life. Proper treatment and proper care with healthy food habits and lifestyle can really help the patient from having any further gout attack. But carelessness and lack of proper treatment can lead to the lifelong curse of the gout problems.

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