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3 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Gout
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Gout has got to be one of the most painful afflictions known to man. It usually strikes without warning in the middle of the night. You go to bed fine and wake up in agony. Your bed sheet weighs to much. It usually hits the right big toe first, in part because it is farthest from your heart in an arterial sense.

Gout is a form of arthritis, and it is caused by excess amounts of uric acid in your blood stream. Uric acid is the waste product of purine, which is found in protein. Both animal and vegetable proteins have purine in it. When the kidneys can`t filter all of it out, it forms into clumps of sharp crystals. As they get heavy, they are dropped off in joints.

There are many questions you`ll have for your doctor, but these three are the most important. I highly recommend you write down a list of questions, based on your personal history. That way, you won`t forget any of them when you get there.

1) What can I do to prevent flare ups? There are a few general things you can do, but you will want specifics. Each of us is different in this regard. In general, avoid purine and maintain adequate hydration. You may need to take medication, as well. There are natural remedies that can help, but that is best discussed with your doctor. One natural remedy your doctor may suggest is cherry juice.

2) Can my medications or supplements cause flare ups? Some medications and supplements are likely to contribute to the problem. As an example, aspirin is a known trigger. If you are on an aspirin regimen, this could be a problem for you. Likewise, some herbal remedies create problems. Willow bark is a good example, mostly because it contains the same chemical as aspirin in a plant form.

3) Can gout lead to something worse? Of the three, this is the most important question. The answer will depend on your overall health and on heredity to a certain extent. Because your kidneys are your body`s filter, excess uric acid can cause damage to them. Just trying to filter it out may overwork them and reduce their filtration capacity. As your liver is the organ that tries to help out the kidneys when it is having a lot of work to do, it is also possible to have liver damage. Other situations may also exist.

Your doctor can help you understand this form of arthritis and how best to treat it. If you prefer to use natural remedies over medical, you may want to also consult a qualified herbal practitioner. Make sure to give your doctor a complete list of any medications or supplements you take, and information about any other medical conditions. This will help the doctor provide you with proper treatment information and prevent drug/herb interactions.

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