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Holland Industry for All Hydroponics Supplies
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Holland Industry is a superstore for all of hydroponics supplies. We specialize in hydroponics systems, hydroponics nutrients and advice on how to successfully grow your own fruits and vegetables indoor or outdoor. Shopping with us you will find most of the top hydroponic brands such as EYE Hortilux, Lumatek, Vortex, Fox Farm, Advance Nutrients, Botanicare, B`cuzz, Pro-Mix and much more! Affordability and value is very important to us and we want to make sure that every customer has the same opportunity to purchase from us no matter their budget. You will always find the best prices at Holland Industry, we will either match or beat the prices from any of our competitors.

The reason for our everyday low prices is our consistent large volume orders directly from the manufacturers. Not only do we sell to the general public but we also sell our products to retailers across North America. We are also the main exclusive distributor for quality brand names such as Aerosumo, Thermotech, Agriproda, SunMax Digital, Floratonic and Cantek Nutrients. This guarantees that you will get the best equipments and nutrients that not only suit your pockets but more importantly your needs and continence.

Our main market is based in Canada and the USA, however no matter where you are around the world, we are committed to serving you with top priority. Ordering from us, you will receive professional packaging and reliable shipping. Customer service is very important to us and we value our customer`s satisfaction. Our customer`s orders are usually dispatched on the same day during shipping hours otherwise it will be forward to the following business day. If any difficulties occur during our commitment, we will immediately notify our client to resolve the quickly situation.

Hydroponics is the new trend of indoor growing. While fertile land is limited outdoor, it will not be a problem with hydroponics indoor. Using manipulative techniques from thousands of years ago with the technology of today proves that everything can be grown efficiently indoor with hydroponics. The right hydroponics equipment, hydroponics nutrient will result to better yield and ease of growing indoor.

To learn more on what you need to know about hydroponics visit us at

Visit our website for hydroponics equipments, nutrients, fertilizers, systems etc.

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Holland Bloom
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Holland Industry is a superstore for all of hydroponics supplies where you can find useful tips on specialize in hydroponiczs systems, hydroponic nutrients and advice on how to successfully grow your own fruits and vegetables indoor and outdoor.  
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