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Headaches Types and Pain Relief
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As a part of the body`s defense system, pain triggers mental and physical behavior that seeks to end the painful experience. Pain may range in intensity from slight through severe to agonizing and can appear as permanent or intermittent. It may be experienced as sharp, throbbing, dull, nauseating, burning, and shooting or a combination of these.

Pain can be acute or chronic. The distinction between acute and chronic pain is not based on its duration of sensation, but rather the nature of the pain itself. Pain management and therapy is adequate to this distinction. While all headache pain is unpleasant, it surprisingly comes in several varieties. Differentiating between different types of headache pain is important when deciding upon the proper treatment.

Migraine Headache Pain: This type of headache pain throbs on one side of the head and can be severe and debilitating. Migraines are a kind of vascular headache which may be rooted in abnormalities in the brain`s blood flow system. Stress and particular foods often trigger migraine headache pain. While these triggers may cause other types of headaches as well, it`s important to note that only migraine headaches affect the entire body. Reactions to migraine headache pain can include nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light, sound and movement.

Tension Headache Pain: Tension-type headache pain can be triggered by stress, hunger or fatigue. Their symptoms fit those of the stereotypical headache--pressure and aching.

Cluster Headache Pain: Sudden and severe, cluster headaches have a short duration, but can attack up to six times a day. They have not only been known to attack repeatedly during the course of several weeks but in some cases can last for years at a time.

Sinus Headache Pain: Swelling, irritation and possibly an infection of the sinuses is the trigger for this type of headache pain. It can be easily confused with migraine and tension headache pain.

 Cervicogenic Headache Pain: Because it may be the symptom of a potentially life-threatening condition, Cervicogenic headache pain demands immediate medical attention. A serious underlying disorder may exist when your headaches seem unlike any you`ve experienced before, are progressively worse, are triggered by physical exertion or drain your energy. See a doctor if you experience any of these warning signs.

Rebound Headache Pain: Triggered by abuse of headache medication, rebound headache pain is an example of the cure becoming worse than the problem. Reaching a point of diminishing pain relief returns with prescription drugs is a common phenomenon.

Millions suffer from headaches and different type of pain every day. Some headaches stay around for months with no relief found for these people. Do some research and talk to your doctor about possible pain relief treatments that may help you.

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