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Risks of Painkiller addiction
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Drug addiction is one of the biggest problems now a day and millions of Americans are secretly battling to overcome the dangerous and lethal drug or alcohol addiction. Drug addiction makes teens to lose their common sense of responsibility towards their family, society and friends and also its spreading very quickly all over the world. Even they can be got violent or motivated to illegal work due to lack of moral sense. Sometimes it results to break relationship with family persons and also lose the job. Millions of people addicted to drug and alcohol every year and they are changing their way of smooth life to addiction and suffering by painful and dark life.

Many people think that they can handle the addiction by themselves. But maximum times they fail to do so, since they have chances to go back again to drugs. Now a day, people also start to addict on painkiller and prescription drug which they use to get relief from pain and anxiety. Generally painkillers are prescribed to someone who is suffering by pain or anxiety problem and the painkiller use to overcome the pain. But even when the pain is fully withdrawal, still the patient use the medication and they become addicted by them. They believe that the drugs are not too much harmful and used those regular bases. Abuse painkiller addiction is the common addiction for teenager. Even it may be harmful if it’s not taken as doctor’s directed. And even its start from school life. Some of the main reasons of the painkiller addiction are:
1. The school teenagers wants to be fitted with their neighborhood teenagers who are already addicted by painkiller.
2. Teenagers can easily get the medication from doctor’s old prescription to relief from pain or accidental surgery.
3. Since now a day, there is lots of online medication shop, so anyone can purchase painkiller or drug through online.
4. Even many persons keep non-prescription painkiller at their home for emergency purpose and teenagers can steal that easily.
5. Elder persons don’t give too much attention even when their child uses the painkiller some times.

The most pain relievers are Oxycontin, Lortab, Demerol, Vicodin which may be harmful if not taken as directed by doctor’s prescription or by overdose. And you may face serious health problem by this addiction.

Prescription drug abuse is a serious problem and need to consult with a professional. Secret ness of addiction affect and the duration of the painkiller use may not help. You should trust your doctor and clear to him everything. So that he can plan for your addiction treatment programs according to your addiction. And also family member of the addicted person need to be careful about the type of drug addiction and also need to put attention to their child on stealing of old prescription, losing the old painkiller medication and also using the unnecessary used of painkiller by their child.

Overall, all drug or alcohol addicted person needs to choose right drug treatment centers. Also the rehabilitation programs offer to addicts are planned in such a way that it suits the needs of addicts. It helps to patient to fight against addiction. There are many notch drug treatment facility which offer to their patient rehabilitation at home and as well as at outside. Outdoor rehabilitation programs are important than home, since there is a chance to go back to their old habit again by getting their own environment. At first, by detoxification, all toxic drug particles are detached from the body of addict person and make them set for other rehabilitation program. At the next step, maximum centers organize meditation, yoga or others spiritual treatment program to overcome addiction at various healthy environments, like sea side area after detoxification. So that, mind of the addicts divert to normal life stream from addiction. The whole treatment programs require near about thirty to forty days.

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