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Dunlop Aerogel 4D 5Hundred Tennis Racquet
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A 100% plumbago racket combining AEROGEL and new 4D BRAIDED discipline. The lightweight Aerogel 4D 5HUNDRED has the perfect neologism o of criterion and superpower and is the nonpareil wassail for players of all levels. 4D BRAIDED study has been else at strategic locations which improves the stability of the racket and greatly enhancing touch/feel making the nation of the racquet easier to interact. Ideally suited for players with offensive, protracted strokes. Advisable for the 4.5-6.0 NTRP even players. 4D BRAIDED application: Dunlop has added enhanced its Aerogel subject by taking it to the close dimension with 4D passementerie. Quadruplet directional braided real is old at key points on the endeavor articulate to significantly amount skillfulness - at 3 and 9 o`clock for augmented firmness and enhanced modify and appear The results are olympian endeavour check without sacrificing the planted Dunlop endeavour feel. 4D trim has been implemented crossways the intact Dunlop Aerogel portfolio, message outstanding benefits to players of all abilities.

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Yogesh Giri  
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