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IGNOU Assignments - IGNOU
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IGNOU Helpline is a unique support feature developed in order to help & guides the Students. This website has been developed for the IGNOU Students Help, Assistance & Guidance related to information about IGNOU, Its Courses, Reference Books, Study Material, Question Papers, IGNOU Assignments, Question Bank Date sheet etc. ThisSite has been designed keeping in mind the Requirements of IGNOU Students & students who want to apply for IGNOU Courses. IGNOU Students can use this site as a portal to have any kind of information which could be of their use. They can also have Suggestions Before or after opting any particular Course.  This unique free service & helpinggesture is developed by Neeraj Publications in the Support of IGNOU Students and that to Free of Cost.
At this ignou helpline site Students can see the Details of IGNOU, its Courses, its Regional Study Centers, Previous years Question Papers, Expected Sample Papers, Reference Books etc.
This site also has the display board showing all the latest News & current events related to IGNOU & also the field of education. Along with this site also give the chance to subscribe for the monthly News Letter published by Neeraj Publication. The students, their parents & people in general can post their comments, suggestions, and experiences to the site which shall be displayed on the site along with the name of the person.
It also provide the Information regarding U.G.C. (University Grant Commission) , A.I.U. (Association of Indian Universities) & D.E.C. (Distance Education Council) so that the students & their parent can contact any of these authorities for any information before applying to any course in any university or institute and be assure of the recognition & status of that particular course, university & institute.
This website is the first ever developed private helpline site for the IGNOU Students giving them the help & assistance they require as they are coming to get themselves enrolled in the various courses.

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Neerj Publications
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