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For Protection from Evil Eye Effect
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Sidh Nazar Raksha Kavach


Is your child not well from a long time? Are you bearing losses in business? Is your daughter’s marriage not getting fixed?...


If you are facing these problems recently, then it might not be just a coincidence. These can be the adverse effects of someone’s evil eye on you. In this world of neck breaking competition and jealousy, anyone can think ill of you. The constant negative thoughts and energy of other people causes tremendous amount of harm when transferred to you and your family. The evil eye is most powerful in the first malicious gaze of a person. If one can reduce the effect at that particular moment, then it causes no further harm.


To protect their loved ones from the evil eye, people in every culture and religion consider the eye figure as a powerful talisman. Bordering on this concept of the “Evil Eye”, Teleone bring you Sidh Nazar Raksha Kavach.


The origins of this yantra lie in the Turkish tradition. It is a unique combination of evil eye beads that are crafted in the Anatolian glass moulding technique along with an uncommon mix of metals and minerals such as:


  • Molten glass
  • Iron
  • Brass
  • Salt
  • Water


In this concoction is purified with the power of fire the power of the eye and is mixed to get the Sidh Nazar Raksha Kavach. Then, after prolonged research by scientists and absolute penitence by yogis, this kavach is energized into a proven and powerful talisman against the malignant intensions of the evil eye.


Siddh Nazar Raksha Kavach is a shield that protects your house against evil eyes, guards your children from the bad intentions of people, prevents obstacles in studies of students, removes pain and hindrances and brings success in jobs and business. It is believed to ward off evil eye and negative influences in one`s life.Sidh Nazar Raksha Kavach is an assorted kit of:


  • Sidh Nazar Raksha Locket

This beautiful locket has been empowered by enchanting Nazar Raksha mantras. The eye in the locket reflects the negative rays of the evil eye. It brings good luck to the wearer and he gains indefinite advantages in every field.


  • Sidh Nazar Raksha Bracelet

The Evil eye beads of this bracelet create an aura of protection around you so that evil intentions remain far from you and you gain success in wherever one perseveres.

  • Sidh Nazar Raksha Child Locket

The child locket is included especially for the protection of children. Small kids are more prone to the effects of the evil eye and they often remain in bad health or fail to concentrate in heir studies. The Child Locket will ensure their overall safety.

  • Sidh Nazar Raksha Amulet

Hanging the Amulet at the entrance of your home, office or business place safeguards them from the first evil eyes of every visitor. It can also be hung in the car, commercial vehicle, money safe etc.


If you are always fearful of evil-spirits watching over your home and loved ones, then stop worrying and wear the Sidh Nazar Raksha Kavach. You will find that bad intentions and jealousy of the evil eye are diminishing from your life and an overall increment in your health, wealth, career, business and unabandoned happiness is gradually building up.

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Jatinder Singh
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Jatinder Singh is into Teleshopping Industry from last many years & has written many articles on Sidh Nazar Raksha Kavach  
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